Treat your kids to a bit of retro, crafts-based entertainment by showing them how to make dollies out of pegs. We even have our own set – Wilko Make Your Own Peg Dollies for just £1.75 (pack of 4).

Or why not buy a traditional pack of wooden dolly pegs and decorate with a selection of pocket money-priced craft packs from our range, including wiggly eyes, metallic pipe cleaners, foam stickers and coloured buttons, all under £1 per pack? They’ll love creating all types of characters and creatures!

kids' craft sets

Other Great Peg Ideas…

Here are a few more great ideas we can think of for putting the humble peg to good use:

1) Create a wall of fame. Be it Bieber, Harry Styles or shots with their friends, attach a string along your kid’s bedroom wall including a pack of our fun pegs – this way they can change their posters as often as they like.

2) Reseal the deal. A perfect way to refasten those awkward food packets such as dried pasta, rice and bread.

3) Let’s stick together. If you’re trying to glue something fiddly together (maybe part of a model kit) pegs are a really handy way of holding the pieces together while you’re waiting for the glue to dry.

4) Keep it in place. If you fancy having the dinner outdoors for a change but it’s a little windy, keep your tablecloth from blowing away by turning your pegs into tablecloth weights; simply clip to the cloth edge along with a 2p piece for extra weight.

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