If you’re eager to get the kids outdoors enjoying the garden, take a look at our top tips for turning your little ones into the gardeners of tomorrow. Gardening is a great activity, whatever the age of your child. Pick something simple to start with and watch them get hooked as their plants start to grow!

Get stuck in

The Briers Kids Garden Tool Bag is the perfect starter kit for kids. The kit includes a garden tool bag, mini watering can, mini hand rake, trowel and fork – perfect for little hands! There’s plenty of space in the tool bag to store seeds, pens and labels, making it ideal for helping kids get started on growing their own.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

gardening with the kids

1. Grow a unicorn garden

Capture little ones’ imaginations with this Grow Your Own Unicorn Garden Kit. Let them create their very own enchanted castle and unicorn indoor garden by sowing snapdragon, pansy, gerbera and forget me not seeds – there’s even soil included!

2. Jack and the Giant Beanstalk

Encourage the kids to grow their own giant beanstalk with these ‘magic’ beans. Runner beans are really easy to grow into tall climbing plants. And they taste really good too!

3. Tasty strawberries

Strawberries are a favourite for many and they taste even better home grown! Let kids grow their own seeds to success with our  strawberry seeds.

4. Wildlife watching

Get a bird spotting book and let them get to know which birds are in your garden. Make it even more fun by picking up a small pair of binoculars to really get them interested in wildlife watching.

5. Sunflower competition

See who can grow the tallest sunflower. Plant them side by side and watch them sprout in just a week! After 8 weeks, measure the height of each sunflower and whoever grew the tallest will be declared the winner!

6. Grow a cress head

Get the kids making a fun cress head using an empty half-cut egg shell, cotton wool and some kitchen towel. Decorate the egg shell with a friendly face, pop a small amount of damp kitchen towel into the bottom of the egg shell, followed by some damp cotton wool. Sprinkle a few cress seeds over the top and shoots will start to appear within a week.

7. Look after the bees

We know how important bees are for our gardens and the planet in general, so get kids involved in helping to save them by making a bee hotel. Simply put straw into empty pipes or fill a terracotta plant pot with pine cones.

8. Grow insect-eating plants

Encourage children to get stuck into the gardening with this fun Grow Your Own Carnivorous Garden Kit.  Sow the seeds and watch them grow into insect-eating plants!

Gardening is all about experimenting. Put kids in old clothes, relax and let them get muddy!

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