Keep the little ones entertained this summer with our amazing garden and allotment themed games.

Aha! Harvest Time Treasure Hunt

Welcome to the allotment ‘Pirate ship’. Your task is to empower your gang of pirates to hunt out the treasure which is either buried in the ground or growing on bushes or trees.

Give them a list and a time frame to try and tick everything off, for example:

  • Colours- You could task them to find three different things that are green or match the colour of their t-shirt
  • Numbers 10 strawberries, 9 flowers, 8 carrots etc
  • Shapes– Find an example of a circle, rectangle, oval
  • Vocabulary– Find something tall, soft, wet, dry, small, sticky or smooth
  • Alphabet– find something on the allotment beginning with each letter of the alphabet
  • Or … how about keeping it simple and getting stuck in by collecting a bag of potatoes, a box of rhubarb or a basket of carrots

Whoever completes the task first could win a prize- you’ll find tons of pocket money treats that will fit the bill at Wilko.

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Big Bug Hunt

We’re going on a bug hunt … Encourage the kids to pretend that they are explorers on an expedition to discover as many bugs as possible.

You could give them a check list or task them to find a bug they’ve never seen before, either draw it or take a picture and create a scrap book of their discoveries. We have everything you need from paper to pens and glue to get stuck in and make a real project of it.

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 Adventures in Vegetable Land

A fairytale or fiction themed growing competition is a great way to excite the kids and get them involved at the allotment

Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Jack and the Beanstalk– grow the tallest beanstalk
  • Snow White– Pick the shiniest apple
  • The princess and the Pea– pick the most peas, as fast as you can
  • Cinderella– Grow the biggest Pumpkin
  • Peter Piper– Pick the reddest pepper
  • One potato, two potato, three potato four– pick the most potatoes
  • James and the Giant Peach– who can spot/ pick the biggest peach on the tree

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