‘Muu-uum, daa-aad, I’m booo-ooored…’ is a phrase all parents can relate to, especially during the summer holidays! With such a big break from school it can be tricky thinking of things to do to entertain the kids, and activities always seem so costly – day trips to the zoo, seaside and cinema soon add up. That’s where our team of Wilko boredom-busting bloggers can help! We’ve got some great budget-friendly ideas, all of which are based in the great outdoors – so you can make the most of the glorious (we hope!) sunshine this summer.

A good sport

If your little one’s an aspiring Andy Murray, a McIlroy in the making or a burgeoning Beckham, we’ve got some great value sport sets to help them on their way. Check out our Tennis Set, complete with rackets and ball, and our Golf Sets, which come with clubs and balls. Just make a few holes in your garden, and you’re good to go! When it comes to a kick around, we’ve got a variety of different sized goals and footballs – click here to see the range.

If your kids are sport-mad, don’t forget to check out our full sports range. You’ll be bowled over by our Cricket Set, get ‘court’ up in our Badminton Set, find our Rounders Set a hit and Catch Them Out game a real… catch!


The garden olympics

If you’ve got a few little whipper snappers, or if they plan to invite friends over, you could create your own garden sports day! Think of a few events where you can use household items (think egg and spoon race) and watch them tire themselves out whilst having a load of fun.

For a quick ‘n’ easy sports day, we’ve got a great value Sports Day Set. With 4 different games, it’ll keep your little ones entertained for hours! Jump in a sack and shuffle to the finish line in the traditional sack race, balance an egg on a spoon and set of for the finish in the egg and spoon race, place a beanbag on your head and have a beanbag race, and in the final game, get them in teams of 2 and tie their legs together with the leg ties. See which team can reach the finish line first! The games are easy to play, and perfect for the park or garden. You could even print off a few certificates for the winners!

Plan a creepy-crawly bug hunt

Looking for creepy crawlies is great fun, especially as you’re bound to find bugs wherever you look! Search under stones, in the soil and on trees to find an exciting range of insects. When you’ve found one, carefully place it in our Bug Jar Viewer – which contains little tweezers for picking bugs up and a magnifying glass for inspecting them. See how many bugs you can find, or print off a tick-list of various insects before you go to set them a challenge!

kids gardening

Play it cool

If this summer’s a scorcher, let your little ones cool off in the garden by having a water fight! We’ve got a great range of water guns for both little squirts and serious soakings. To make the water fight even more fun, check out our Water Bombs and make a splash!

kids water squirter gun

When the water fight is over, there’s nothing quite like having a quick dip in a paddling pool. We’ve got a selection of great value pools… the big challenge is getting the adults out of them first!

We’d love to hear what you’re doing to keep the kids busy this summer, tweet us at @lovewilko or contact us via our Facebook page.

Click here to see our full outdoor play range.

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