You don’t need to be a gardening expert to update your outdoor space this spring. We have a host of ideas and alternatives to update your garden that are quick, easy and won’t break the bank.

Pots and plantersPlanter

Give your patio area or entire garden a new lease of life with the help of a few well placed pots and containers. Easy to maintain and ideal for moving around to change your look or to help them flourish in the right amount of sun or shade throughout the year, pots and containers can be a great alternative to traditional beds and borders.

We have a fantastic range of coordinated pots and planters so it’s easy to get the look you want. Simply fill with compost and your choice of seeds, bulbs or plug ins.

Take a look at our clever hanging pots too. They come in range of colours and can be easily attached to a fence or balcony. These handy hanging pots maximise growing space with a built in reservoir at the bottom, so you don’t have to water your plant as often!

Hanging baskets

Hanging baskets, just like pots and planters can be a great alternative to traditional beds and borders and are ideal for smaller spaces. A lot of different plants are suitable for hanging baskets including herbs, tomatoes and strawberries as a fantastic aromatic alternative to flowers and other greenery.

Keep your plants hydrated with our handy hanging basket reservoir, which releases water into your hanging basket when needed and reduces the amount of water required. Bury it in the centre of your hanging basket, fill it up and let it do the magic!

If your garden is on the small side, our clever drain pipe pot holder is perfect for utilising the space you do have. Simply attach it to your drain pipe and plant up all your favourite herbs and flowers right outside your door. Ideal for grabbing fresh herbs when cooking.


Garden ornaments

A fantastic way to add personality to your garden in an instant is with garden ornaments. They can either be used as a great alternative to plants and flowers or to add those finishing touches. We have a fantastic range of garden art from vintage inspired wall art, to lanterns, bird feeders and of course the obligatory garden gnome.

Aggregates and paving

Lawns can be high maintenance and many people opt for alternatives such as gravel. We have a broad range of slate and stone chippings in a range colours and styles for you to brighten up your boarders, create fabulous pathways and give your garden an uplift.

Outdoor lighting

Enjoy your garden after dark with our range of garden lighting. Whether you’re buying on a budget or are strapped for space, we have something to create the perfect atmosphere in your garden.

At wilko, we love things to be easy and affordable and our solar lights are a great option. Quick to get up and running, they’re eco-friendly and a renewable energy source. They also allow you to be as creative as you fancy, giving you the freedom to put them anywhere you like without the hassle or restrictions of wires.

A few carefully chosen lights can give your outside space another dimension and make somewhere you’ll love chilling out in after dark.

Here are a few ideas we love:

  • Hang string lights on the branches of trees or around a gazebo to give it a magical air that kids and adults will both love.
  • Solar powered table lamps bring the indoor outdoors and will add colour and personality to your patio.
  • Stake lights are the perfect way the accentuate a pathway, water feature or rockery. Stick them in the ground and once charged up, they are good to glow! 

Fire pits and chimineas

Make the most of evenings with a helping hand of our fire pits and chimineas, the easy way to keep toasty outdoors when the evenings get a bit chilly.


Safety First: Always make sure that your chiminea is sitting on a level surface which is fire proof – never use on wooden decking and always check the surrounding area, ensuring that your chiminea isn’t too close to any fire hazards like fences or bushes. Never leave unattended.


Update the look and feel of your garden with fencing and screening. Screening is a great way add privacy and create sections within your garden. There are plenty of options, such as zen garden for serene privacy to read a book or magazine or a child play zone, which you could create a play area or sand pit, or maybe a sensory garden or veggie patch!

Now you’ve discovered new ideas to give your garden a refresh, shop our entire garden collection at

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