We are constantly reminded to feed the birds in times of hardship, particularly in winter when food is scarce. But really it is important to provide nourishment for them all year round.

It is especially important during hot spells to provide sources of food and, particularly, fresh water in your garden for drinking and for the occasional bath, which will help hot birds cool down. Birds such as blackbirds love to use water not only to cool down, but to keep their feathers in prime condition.

So a well-topped-up bird bath or, as a temporary measure, a washing-up bowl with a couple of inches of water in it will provide a great source of water for birds and other wildlife and help to attract a large number of birds to your garden.

Perhaps you could consider a more permanent water feature like a pond or fountain, that will help wildlife find a regular source of water. It helps to make sure there is movement in the water as this is preferred by birds because it is a sign of freshness.

Remember though, always make sure all water storage devices are well cleaned and the water changed regularly!

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