If you notice your freshly washed clothes aren’t smelling their best, follow our handy hints and tips to revive them:

1) To stop your clothes smelling musty, make sure you take them out of the washing machine as soon as the cycle is done. Do the same for your dryer too!

2) Look after your machine. Every month or so, set an empty wash to 60ºC and add a detergent containing oxygen bleach, like Ariel Actilift. Your machine will smell clean and fresh all over again. There are also some solutions specifically designed for this job, like Dr Beckmann Service It Washing Machine Cleaner.

3) Don’t sweat it. After a work out in the gym or a hard day’s work, don’t stick your sweaty clothes in a plastic bag… as soon as you get home, remember to put them straight in the laundry bag and wash as soon as you can.

4) Stay on line. If you’ve got the space outdoors and the weather’s nice, always try and dry your clothes outside. Fresh air really does freshen them up a treat! We’ve got a great range to help you along, including airers, pegs, lines & props.

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