With every new electronic device comes a cable to keep it powered up and ready to use at the touch of a button, whether it’s plugged in permanently or in need of regular charging.

We’re used to having our devices at our fingertips at all times, and we’ve all done the charge cable dash to beat the battery before it reaches the dreaded 0%. But do we ever think about what to do with those cables? Thrown on the floor, down the side of the bed, trailing across the carpet, tangled in a spaghetti pile at the back of the TV – they’re a bit of an afterthought… that is until we step on a wayward plug or find ourselves caught in a tripwire, cup of tea in-hand.

If, like us, you’re fed up of looking at the mess (or navigating the obstacle course), we’ve got a great video jam-packed with loads of easy tips, tricks and solutions, which you can view right here…

You can find these cable tidying solutions in your nearest Wilko store.

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