Whether you’re stocking up for school or uni or creating a stylish home office, there’s nothing better than a brand new stationery collection to give you that extra bit of motivation. From smooth gel pens that make homework more enjoyable to diaries that make you more efficient,  we explore our stationery must haves…

The diaryRing-binder Diary black Wilko A5 Diary

We don’t just love stationery for being beautifully designed, it helps us stay organised too, and what better way to stay organised than with a brand new diary? Starting the year with a new diary and having a blank canvas to work from can be an exciting and liberating process and there are diaries to suit every style. Whether you’re into black and plain or colourful and vibrant, you’ll always keep on top of those appointments. New year, new diary, new you.

The plain notepad

Gone are the days of staying in a straight line. Unlike the traditional lined notepad, unlined plain notepads gift you the freedom of doodling, writing, note making, brainstorming and drawing. You can stand out in style with neon, show flashes of gold with beautifully embellished note pads or go full on super cute with animal designs. The options are endless. Stationery is no longer an essential, it’s become a fashion accessory, meaning  you can find the design to channel your personality.

The journalJournal

Perfect for the ultimate organiser with creative flair, the journal serves as a diary and memory maker. Journals are super efficient, not only do they include a diary for organisation, they are packed with space for your thoughts and notes, making them the perfect place for getting all your ideas and creative thoughts down on paper. You can put photographs in them and stick in keep sakes such as cinema stubs and gig tickets. A journal isn’t just for a year, it’s for life.

The pencil case

Never has the humble pencil case seen such design-led days! Finding the perfect home for your stationery essentials is an exciting part of stationery shopping, whether stocking up for school or starting a new job. From pompom detailed styles to all that glitters and gold, you can definitely channel your inner self through your chosen case.

Accessories and stickers

Stationery no longer stops at the essentials such as pens, rulers and pencils. It has seriously upped its game in recent times and now stretches to stickers and matching revision cards and even jewellery dishes!

Find your style

With so much choice, it can be hard to know what stationery style to go for. The latest collections at wilko adopt the style trends of today.  From tropical prints and pale pastels to autumnal golds, take a read of our newest collections:

Decelerate colouring book

Decelerate stationery

Our Decelerate stationery range is inspired by autumn/winter colours and features delicate butterflies and flowers, as well as gorgeous marble designs. Decelerate provides the full stationery kit and in this collection you’ll find adult wellbeing colouring books filled with woodland plants and flowers, wellbeing planners designed to help you let go of negativity, and matching pens and zipper wallets filled with bright gold splashes.

Unearthed stationery

If fun and funky is your bag then our Unearthed stationery range is for you. This range offers a vibrant collection injected with bright pinks and greens alongside summer-inspired prints. Across this collection you’ll find cool pineapple, strawberry and watermelon prints as well as pretty butterflies and hummingbirds detailed with splashes of gold. With the Unearthed range you can coordinate your notepads with storage boxes, revision cards and even USB cables! 

Enterprising BritainWilko Enterprising Britain Accessories

Our Enterprising Britain stationery range boasts a calming collection of pastel pinks and greens, and features stunning watercolour floral prints. With paper clips, pens, pencil cases and matching shopper bags, the pretty collection serves both school student and busy office worker.

I Like Cats stationery

If the furry adorable creatures are what you love then we have got the purrfect stationery collection for you. Our I Like Cats stationery range is a gorgeous collection of geometric print stationery in pastel pinks and purples. And this range has everything. From cat covered notepads and project books in all sizes to themed stickers, pens and even matching drinks jars, this range has you covered.

Because stationery isn’t always for back to school…

Stationery isn’t just for kids heading back to school – adults love a bit of desk candy too. Whether for your home office or simply to brighten up and beautify your day, stationery certainly serves a worthy purpose. Pretty notebooks and stylish diaries can bring a breath of fresh air to boring to-do lists and important dates.

Whatever your need for stationery, indulge in the styles and designs that you love. Mix up your colours or go for a uniform theme across all stationery products. With the calming pastels from our Enterprising Britain range, to the funky designs of our Unearthed collection and the super cute styles from our I Like Cats range, you’re sure to find your stationery style.

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