Although some people really do love cleaning, it’s certainly not for everybody – but who doesn’t love that ‘fresh as a daisy’ feeling after you’ve given the house a big cleaning blitz? We’ve got some great tips on how you can storm through the housework to make your home so clean it sparkles!

Where do I start?

Before giving your home a good scrub, it’s always a good idea to get rid of the clutter. Gifts and presents often bring a lot of packaging with them, and you won’t be able to see the wood for the trees until you clear it out. Fill your recycling bins to get some instant organisation satisfaction! Unfortunately, the tree also has to come down. If you’ve gone for a real tree this year there are plenty of alternatives to just chucking it out with the rubbish. If your tree has roots, why not plant it in the garden or see if anyone you know has a spot for it in theirs? It’s always worth checking with local councils and charities for recycling options, as many charities now happily recycle trees for a small donation to help their cause.

As much as we want to love all the presents we receive over Christmas, unfortunately sometimes a gift is either just not practical or you already have one. Don’t feel you have to hold onto unwanted gifts, as chances are they’ll likely just stay hidden collecting dust when there could be someone out there who would truly cherish it. Carry on the season of goodwill by donating any unwanted gifts to charity shops, who will really appreciate anything you don’t need.

Get stuck in!

With all the guests gone and the food rapidly disappearing, now’s the perfect time to deep-clean your home and get it ready for a fresh new year.

Your oven is likely to have been a little overworked over the festive season, so give it some TLC and treat it to a nice spruce up! We recommend the Oven Pride Complete Oven Cleaner 500ml which transforms racks and grills back to their shiny best as well as tackling the inside of the oven.

Next, get rid off any ingrained dirt left over from the Christmas festivities with a sponge mop and Zoflora fresh home disinfectant. For little spillages and quick cleaning action, stock up on our anti-bacterial floor wipes – they’re just £2.50 for 6 packs and are sure to keep your floors looking fresh.


See off any lingering dust with our range of multi-purpose wipes, perfect for quickly dusting off any decorations before storing them away ready for next year. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative way to keep worktops clean, pick up our eco multi-surface spray. Finally, don’t forget the windows. Restore shine to your windows with our microfibre window cleaning sponge. Absorbent and suitable for both wet cleaning and dry polishing, this cloth is made from non-abrasive microfibre fingers designed to protect your glass and prevent scratching when wiping.

When it comes to stocking up on cleaning essentials, wilko really is a one-stop shop. Check out our great value sponge scourerslarge dish cloths, and rubber gloves of every size – so nobody has an excuse to get out of their turn!

For all your cleaning essentials, head to our cleaning department at

The finishing touches

With the tree and decorations gone, your home suddenly looks much bigger and gives you the unique opportunity to go for a new look. Either rearrange the furniture or put it back to how it was. Try out different looks, move the furniture around for a bit of feng shui and hang up new pieces of artwork that you’ve been gifted over the festive season.

To replace the Christmas tree, how about a new floor lamp? It’ll fill the gap and keep the warm glow of light in the living room.

To instantly inject some new personality into your walls and keep the Christmas memories alive, why not free up some space on your phone or camera by printing out your favourite Christmas snaps? Put the best ones in photo frames to liven up your walls, and keep the rest in an album you’ll love getting out and reminiscing over.

With the cleaning complete and the finishing touches in place, it’s time to put your feet up and enjoy tucking into all the chocolates and naughty treats left over from the Christmas feasting. Go on, force yourself!


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