With Easter this weekend, here’s something fun to do with the kids – create your own glam, glittery Easter eggs!

You will need…

What you will need to make glittery eggs

Easter egg 6 hard-boiled eggs
Easter egg 6 small bowls
Easter egg craft glue
Easter egg double-sided sticky-tape
Easter egg paintbrushes
Easter egg glitter (different colours)
Easter egg sticky gems

How to make…

glitter in bowlsdouble-sided tape on eggspaint egg with glue

1.Put your different coloured glitters into separate bowls.

2. Using the double-sided tape, create some funky shapes on your eggs – spots, stripes, zigzags, anything goes!

3. Paint your eggs with the craft glue.

roll eggs in glitterRoll eggs in contrasting coloured glitter

4. Roll them in your glitter (this can get messy!).

5. Once your eggs have dried, peel off the backing on the sticky-tape shapes.

6. Now, roll the eggs in a different-coloured glitter. It will only stick where the sticky-tape is!

7. Add some sticky gems for a really glitzy effect.

And there you have it!

glittery eggs

Show off your glitzy eggs and have a cracking Easter!

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