Eating in is the new eating out, so why not make sure you do it in style?

And because we’re all eating in a lot more these days, your dining area should be somewhere where you can get together with your partner, friends or family and enjoy a good, home-cooked meal.

That’s why we’ve put together some fantastic dining furniture deals, to help you get the dining room you love, for less. Simply visit our dining set deals page, browse the selection and, with one click, add the deal you want to your shopping basket. Not only is it quick and easy, you’ll also save up to £151!


We’ve 8 deals to choose from, including classic style from our Sherwood range, and the contemporary cool of our New York dining set.

But it doesn’t stop with the table and chairs. Here are our top tips for a delicious dining area:

1. Maximise space by putting a mirror on one wall, this will reflect the room, making it seem larger than it is.

2.  Try a feature wall. One way of really brightening up your dining room without spending a fortune is to add a feature wall. Try painting it with a bright block of colour, or pick out some funky wallpaper. Keep the other walls plain and muted for maximum impact. The good news is that this will work in any room, though if you’re short on space, a very strong colour or busy wallpaper might be a bit overwhelming, so choose carefully!

3. Set the table properly. If you’re hosting a dinner party, make your table look stunning using place mats, table runners and candles. Even if you’re not having a party, it’s still nice to sit down at a properly laid table for dinner, and it’ll stop you cluttering the table with stuff when you’re not using it!

4. Got a lounge-diner? Use a divider to break up the space, like this soft blue flowered screen, or this bright, striped screen.

5. Choose the right lighting. Dining room lighting needs to be soft and sparkling. Chandeliers are perfect for bringing just the right amount of style and sparkle to a room. Consider having a dimmer switch so you can adjust the lighting to your preferred level.

6.  Short on storage? Invest in a sideboard. They’ve seen a bit of a revival in recent years and are ideal for storing your plates, placemats and table linen. Not to mention, the top provides extra surface space for serving food, or could double as a bar!

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