Let’s face it, no-one enjoys the ironing! So to make it as quick and painless as possible, we’ve put together a few handy tips:

  • Iron clothes according to their temperature  start with the coolest ending with the hottest so you’re not left waiting.
  • Try to do your ironing in the bedroom — that way you can use the bed to sort your laundry on and you’ve got plenty of hangers to hand.
  • Keep your iron clean — a clogged iron can suddenly decide to leave limescale all over your fresh clean clothes.
  • Where possible try and use filtered water in your iron — it helps to reduce the chance of limescale and will keep your iron in tip top condition.
  • Here’s a great tip for saving time pop a piece of kitchen foil beneath your ironing board cover and you’ll end up ironing both sides of your clothes at the same time as the heat is reflected.
  • Iron your black and dark items inside out —  this stops them going shiny.

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