If the Easter Bunny is paying a visit to your house this year, why not have a go at a home made Easter Egg Hunt? It will keep the kids entertained, doesn’t need to cost loads and you don’t even need to leave the house – always a good thing when you’re dealing with British weather!

What you’ll need:

Paper or card
Felt-tips or crayons
Glitter or stickers (optional)
… oh and plenty of choccie!

Making your hunt:

1. Length
First of all, decide how many clues you’re going to need. Do you want your hunt to be short or long? We chose ten – a not-too-long, not-too-short number. This also means that even the littlest hunters can join in counting clues with bigger brothers and sisters.

2. Clues
Your clues can be as easy or as complicated as you like, depending on the age of your hunters. If you like, you can start off easy and make each clue more difficult as the kids get closer to their chocolate reward!

We couldn’t resist rhyming but if you’re not feeling very poetic, there are other ways to go. For example, if you’re hiding a clue in the bathroom, the clue to finding it might be: ‘Clue number 3 is hiding in the wettest room in the house’ or for an easier version: ‘Clue number 3 just loves a nice hot bath!’. Go for all rhyming, non-rhyming or a combination of both; the kids will love the challenge. You can even give instructions such as ‘do ten star jumps’ or ‘spin around three times’ for an added element of fun!

3. Preparation
If you’re preparing in a rush, simply tear up some strips of paper and write your clues out, then fold them up and tuck them away in your sneaky hiding places. If you’ve got a bit more time, like us, then try getting a bit crafty and making your own egg clues! Use card and coloured paper, fabric, white paper and paint, glitter, felt tips, crayons – anything you can get your hands on. Make these clues big and bright and hide them just peeping out of their hiding places.

egg templateCut out your egg template

We hand drew a template and used it to quickly draw up and cut out different coloured egg shapes – if you’re using plain paper try folding it in to four or more (depending on size) to get the job done extra quick! To avoid wasting paper we cut any scraps in to shapes and decorated the front of our eggs, adding a big number to each.

Egg cutoutEgg clues

To keep the magic, we typed up a letter from the Easter Bunny for the beginning of the hunt and while we were at it, we typed up our clues, too! Once printed, we cut everything out and stuck each clue to the back of our eggs with a glue stick.

Letter from the Easter BunnyEaster egg hunt clues

4. Hiding
Make sure nobody is peeping as you hide your carefully prepared clues. For a really good challenge, use as much of the house as you can – why not hide one clue upstairs, the next downstairs and the next back upstairs again? Don’t forget to use the garden too, but be wary of mud and rainy weather, planning the taking on and off of wellies and coats in to your hunt if necessary!

It’s also a good idea to keep a list of where each clue is hidden, preventing any mid-hunt confusion and helping you to give added direction if necessary – warmer, warmer, colder, warmer, red hot!

If you’re struggling to think of places to hide your eggs we’ve put together a list of ideas below:

Indoor hiding places:
In a vase
In a pair of shoes/boots
In their coat pocket (extra fun if they’re wearing it!)
Stuck under a table
In the toy box
Peeking out of a book
Behind a door
Under a rug
Between/behind sofa cushions
On the stairs
Under the bed
In the bath (empty of course!)
Sat with/behind a favourite teddy or toy
With another family member (get your little ones to work out who has the clue)
In a favourite mug or cup

Outdoor hiding places:
In or around the shed (if safe to do so)
In a pair of wellies (get the kids to pop them on to find the clue!)
Amongst flowerbeds/in a plant pot
With a garden gnome or other ornament
In a playhouse
The low branch of a tree
Hanging from the washing line
Under a rock
In the bushes
Stuck on the fence
Peeking out of the grass

5. The Big Finish
Now, arguably the most important part of the hunt is discovering the treasure at the end! Make sure you hide the loot in an extra safe hiding place so the hunt isn’t cut short by someone finding their prize before they’ve found all the clues! If you’re struggling with this one you can always hide the eggs in the car or on top of a high cupboard and ask the kids to bring you the final clue and trade it in for their reward.

If you’ve decided to get the neighbours or friends’ children involved you might decide to make your hunt a competition rather than a team event. If there is an overall winner to your hunt (rather than everyone hunting together) then make sure you’ve got some little treats for the runners-up. Think mini creme eggs or other little chocolate treats. If you plan further in advance you could even get the kids in the kitchen, baking up some Easter buns! Mmm… sounds good to us!

If your little ones are hopping mad for egg hunting, why not send us a tweet and tell us what you’ll be up to this weekend? Find us at @LoveWilko!

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