The Easter holidays are here again, and because you never know what the great British weather’s going to be like, it’s a good idea to have some fun crafty activities stockpiled to keep the kids occupied just in case it rains.

For example, try this Easter Bunny box. It’s perfect for surprising your family and friends with some Easter treats, or the kids could just use it to put their treasures in.

Difficulty – Easy

Age – 4+

Who? Parents & kids

Theme – Easter

Instructions are below, and you can download the rabbit template here (or click on the image below). The template is available in yellow and pink, or there’s also a blank template so the kids can design their own! Print out onto paper or card and you’re off!

Pritt make your own bunny box

You will need…

felt pens googly eyes hole punch pipecleaners Pritt Green Pritt Pink Pritt stick scissors colouring pencils

Googly eyes
Pritt Stick (Original, Pink or X-treme Green)
Hole punch
Colouring pencils or pens


1. Cut out the Rabbit Box following the dotted lines

2. Punch the holes marked for the whiskers. If you’re using the blank template, use coloured pencils or pens to draw your own funky designs on the box.

3. Fold along the solid lines

4. Use a Pritt stick to glue tabs E and C on to D

5. Glue tab A and then tab B to complete the box

6. Stick the googly eyes on

7. Use pipecleaners to create the whiskers

Et voilà!


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