Fun figures for a finger puppet theatre!

Why not try something new and make Easter theatre time? These fun bunny figures are easy to make and turn Easter into a theatre extravaganza! Curtain up, here comes the bunny theatre.  Let the show begin…

Difficulty level – Easy

Age – 4+

Who’s crafting? Parents with kids

Theme – Easter

You will need…

Pritt Stick Pritt pinkPritt greenred scissorscoloured pencilsFelt pens

Pritt Stick (OriginalPink or X)
Colouring pencils or pens


1. Download and print out the bunny template onto paper or card. (click link or image below to download)

Pritt finger puppet theatre

2. Cut out the shapes following the dotted lines (one has been left blank for you to colour!)

3. Use Pritt stick to  glue along the tabs of the quarter circles, roll into a cone and stick in place

4. Put some glue on the top of the cone and stick the bunny face on

5. Add an accessory to each bunny.

6. Let the show begin…


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