With the new Spring/Summer fashion season in full swing, most of us will be thinking about refreshing our own wardrobes with the latest trends.

Instead of splashing out on an entirely new wardrobe, why not have a go at refreshing some of your old clothes?
In a few simple steps you can transform a plain top into a dip dyed creation. The finished result will be ideal for the summer months and, teamed with a statement necklace, would be a perfect look for the festival season.
We’ve gone for pink dye as it’s a popular colour this season but you can pick your own favourite colour. Simply follow our step-by-step guide to get the look.

What you will need:

DYLON® hand dye in Flamingo Pink
– Plain white cotton t-shirt
Rubber gloves
– Stainless steel sink or large plastic bowl
– 5 tablespoons of salt
Measuring jug
– Coat hanger and drying rack

flamingo pink dylonrubber gloveswashing up bowlmeasuring jug

How to get the look:

1 – Wash your t-shirt and leave it damp.
2 – Fill your bowl or sink with 6 litres of warm water and stir in your salt

3 – In your measuring jug add 500ml of warm water and dissolve the sachet of dye. Pour this into your 6 litres of warm water.

step 3
4 – Put the t-shirt on a coat hanger and hang on the side of your drying rack. Dip the bottom section of the t-shirt into the dye and then leave for 15 minutes.

step 4
5 – Once your 15 minutes is up, move the t-shirt deeper into the dye and leave for another 7 minutes. Continue with this, leaving the next section for 5 minutes, the next for 3 minutes, and the final section for 2 minutes. This will help create that amazing dip dye effect!
6 – Next carefully transfer your top from the dye to a sink. Run the t-shirt under cold water for 30 seconds until the water runs clear, then run under warm water, wring out until it’s damp and hang out to dry.
7 – Admire your gorgeous updated top, and proceed to dye your whole wardrobe!

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