Drying your clothes properly is important to reduce wrinkles (and ironing time!) and prevent musty smells & mildew, so however big or small your outdoor space, we’ve got a drying solution for you!

If you’ve got the space, a Wilko steel core PVC clothes line is ideal as you’ll get 20m of drying space for only £2.30.

We haven’t forgotten the smaller garden with our heavy-duty retractable 5 line (£33) that makes best use of your space and easily retracts. It’s also ideal for a garage or utility room.

And for those with a balcony, a Wilko 20 peg clothes dryer (£1.85) is ideal for hanging out your smaller items.

And if an airer is more your thing, there are rotary dryer solutions to suit any size garden, with up to 60m of drying space (from£23) .

Is your only drying space indoors? We’ve got lots of ideas to make the best use of your space such as this 4 bar radiator airer at only £1.85.

In addition to our airers and washing lines, our peg range starts from as little as £1 for 36.

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