We all dream of a white Christmas, and when it comes to dressing your table at Christmas time we’ve got some great ideas on how to create your very own winter wonderland! Read on to find out how you can add a single colour to your white theme to give you an elegant, classy and fabulously festive look.


Start by checking out our white and gold table runner, with matching napkins and silver cutlery. Just prepare for a few spillages and have a good stain remover at the ready! Our Let’s Celebrate range is perfect for creating a refined look, and includes dinner plates, side plates, bowls, teapots, mugs, gravy boats and champagne flute glasses. Make sure you’ve got everything you need – ensure each guest has cutlery, a dinner plate and napkin, and bread plates and soup bowls if bread or soup is being served. Finish with our gold charger plates, which can be used as a festive alternative to placemats.

Gold & white dinnerware place setting

Now, for the most exciting part… creating some theatre! Space white church candles around the room, with round mirrored glass underneath – this can be impactful as the glass reflects the candlelight. You could even take a group of terracotta plant pots and paint them white to create fabulous candle holders. Candles are fantastic for creating the right ambience, but try and stay away from too many scented candles as that’s all you’ll be able to taste when tucking into your turkey!

White pillar candles

Add some sparkle to your wonderland setting by scattering our Odyssey Antique Beaded Baubles around the table. To add a fairytale quality to your table, spray white roses with hairspray, then dust them with silver glitter.

Create a personal touch with place settings in the same colour scheme to further add to the theme, for example pinecones sprayed with Snow Spray (or even dusted with caster sugar!) or add a sprig of holly or mistletoe to each place setting. A small amount of colour can be really impactful, but try and keep it simple. If you don’t have room on the table, use the chairs to display the place settings. Simple paper luggage tags can look great when tied on with silver ribbon.

Focusing on one single centrepiece is simpler and more effective than several large items, and will leave more space on the table for the food! A cardboard box wrapped in glamorous silver paper and ribbon can act as a centrepiece, and even filled with small gifts to be passed out at the end of the meal. Other great ideas include using more church candles, or filling a tall vase with silver baubles.

Don’t forget, the best thing about white, gold and silver home accessories is that they can be used all year round for other events, and even weddings!

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