It’d be great to have a sprawling lawn and acres of land, but the reality for most people living in urban homes or flats is that any outside space is pretty limited. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of what you’ve got, even on a budget! We’ve pulled together a list of ideas to help transform your patio, yard or balcony into a little oasis of calm.

The Rustic Retreat







They say good things come in small packages, and we’d have to agree. You definitely don’t need a massive garden to put on a show. Let us inspire you to make the most of your yard by adding colourful potted plants and flowers in a variety of shapes and sizes. Or why not try coloured garden furniture. It gives you a playful, low maintenance look which will perk up your patio no end, so you can really make the most of sunny days.


A Shady Spot

Looking for some peace and quiet? Turn a corner of your garden into a mini getaway by relaxing back in our Wilko Hardwood Deck Chair, sitting under the sun with a parasol.

Get bored of having time out quickly? We’ve got you covered with all the gardening tools you need to keep you busy and get your patio, yard or balcony looking spick and span. To help tidy up, store your trowel and watering can in one of our handy willow storage baskets.


Dine Outdoors

Why is it that food always seems to taste better outside? Practice your cooking skills this summer and treat your guests to a spot of outdoor dining. We have the perfect dining set for eating under the sky for you here at Wilko.

One of the easiest ways to add some colour to your outdoor space is with plants. For a calming environment try potting your favourite plants into a variety of containers and positioning them at different levels to decorate your space. Also, try placing lanterns around your yard for after sunset.


Blissful Backyard

Whatever outdoor space you have to play with, make the most of it by turning it into a place of calm you’re itching to get back to. Take in the fresh air and unwind with a book on our Wooden Bench.

Not getting back until late? Snuggle up beneath the stars with some cushions and throws.


Country Corner

Sit back on a warm summer nights in your yard, filled to the brim with calming colours. We like to think our Rustic Wooden Bench, complete with velour cushions, is perfect for an ‘escape to the country’ setting. Decorate your garden with accessories like our quaint heart hanger and watering can to help complete the look

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