It’s thought that candles have been used at Christmas since the middle ages, with large candles being used to represent the Star of Bethlehem. Historically, people also left a lit candle in a window on Christmas Eve to symbolise Christ. Candles were also used to decorate Christmas trees… until people realised how dangerous that was and invented lights!

Even now, candles are closely connected to Christmas. As well as the delightful warm glow they provide, you can also choose a festive scent, and pick a coloured candle that matches your decor. Air fresheners are of course a more modern invention, but in recent years festive air fresheners have been used to make homes smell really Christmassy.

One of the most important (and fun!) things to consider when decorating your home with candles is which festive scent to choose – you don’t want to be stuck with a smell you don’t like! We’ve got a great range of deliciously festive scented candle jars to help create the perfect ambience, such as red fruits and vanilla pod – both available in round or square jars. They’ll burn for hours – ideal for the Christmas period. They also make a lovely gift!

When it comes to creating an impact, pillar candles are a must. They’re elegant, striking, and can be used as centrepieces on a table, fireplace or mantelpiece. Try and mix pillar candles of different sizes to create a statement. Check out our range, which includes vanilla and red fruits:

wilko red candle wilko white candle

You can also create a subtle table display or dinner table centerpiece with scented pot pourri. Simply pop in a festive bowl and you’re good to go! Check out our range which again includes vanilla and red fruits, both ideal for this time of year:

vanilla pod red pot pourri

When thinking about scented candles, either choose something subtle for this time of year such as red fruits, or go for something undoubtedly festive – our favourites include the Glade spiced apple and cinnamon candle, and the limited edition Glade sparkling wonder candle which gives a gorgeous winter flowers fragrance.

If you don’t have time for candles, or if you have lots of little ones and pets running around the house, why not fragrance your home with a special Christmassy air freshener – like the Febreze frosted pine aerosol? A quick spray before guests arrive and your home will smell fantastically festive!

Here at Wilko, we’ve got a great range of air fresheners including sprays, oils, gels, beads, wax melters and plug-ins. One of our favourites is the Air Wick mulled wine by the fire wax melts, which gives your home a delightful fragrance for a combined total of 120 hours! It’s also available as an Air Wick freshmatic automatic spray.

For something simple and discreet, we love the Glade cosy apple and cinnamon refill, which is indulgent and delightfully festive.

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Finally, we always like to mention – please don’t leave a candle unattended, or in reach of children and pets.

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