In a year that’s been tougher than anyone could have imagined, we’re also finding ourselves with more to be grateful for than ever before too. Whether it be a kind neighbour doing your shopping for you or a local key worker you’ve spotted going out every day to help keep the UK running, there’s so much to be thankful for. And what better way to show your gratitude than by making your own thank-you cards for neighbours, friends, family and colleagues? Be it a thank you for things that have happened over the year or an appreciation for some gifts or Christmas spirit you’ve received over the festive period, these homemade thank-you cards will help you say it in an even more magical way.

A hug in an envelopeThank you Card 2

Although a quick text or social media post is better than nothing, a personal thank-you card is one of the oldest and loveliest ways to show your thanks. And in a year that has been far from normal, what could be better than a ‘hug’ in an envelope that a thank-you card will always bring with it. Cards and letters can be kept, and are much more likely to be looked at again and again unlike a text or email.

It couldn’t be simpler to create quick and easy cost-effective thank-you cards either. Whether you’re recycling materials you already have to hand like card, ribbons, buttons and wrapping paper or creating from scratch with new craft materials, it’s simpler than you might think to end up with a professional finish – and of course, love will have gone into the creation, which is the most important thing.

Thank yous aren’t just for Christmas

Of course, thank-you cards aren’t just about Christmas. And this year the thank yous are probably going to be endless. Here are just a few people you could thank to get you going…

  • The neighbour who’s been getting your shopping
  • The colleague who always manages to stick a smile on your face
  • The loved one who’s been helping look after the kids
  • The happy postie who you’ve got to know through all your online shopping…
  • The friend who keeps you going through every lockdown with their funny texts and memes

Get the kids involved

Asking the kids to help you with your list of thank-you cards is a great idea for so many reasons! Firstly, it’ll help keep them out of mischief – sitting down with a pile of craft materials for a couple of hours is great for encouraging creativity and cutting down on screen time. It’s also a brilliant way to let them know how important it is to be thankful and to show that thanks to people who have been kind. And what better time than Christmas to start a new tradition all focused around being kind?

Handy hints and tips

Reuse, recycle, re-purpose. Grab yourself a box of any sort and start collecting off-cuts of paper, card, material, brightly coloured sweet wrappers, old buttons, cutouts from magazines—anything and everything that takes your eye and could be used to create your unique thank-you cards.

Buy blank card and envelope sets. Cards that have already been cut to size with their own envelopes will save you tons of time and will make sure your cards not only look great, but that they’re sturdy and are ready for posting (once you’ve added your personal touches of course).

Invest in some fancy pens. Whether for the front or inside of your card, your thank-you notes deserve to be written with a good-quality pen that helps your handwriting look its best. Coloured gel pens are fab for some extra colour, and traditional ink fountain pens will add a classic, timeless look to your note. Always remember to let the ink dry properly to avoid messy smudging. Find the idea of handwriting on the front of your cards a bit daunting? Why not try stamps and stickers instead?

Check your spelling twice, put ink to paper once. Typos can be endearing if the kids are involved but it’s still best to get your spelling correct, especially if you really want to make an impact for the right reasons!

Get the right tools for the job. Together with your selection of great pens and assortment of bits and bobs, keeping a stock of the essentials like scissors, glue, a ruler and sticky tape will make the job of pulling together thank-you cards easier the whole year through. Simply pull out your craft box and get creating.

Find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Take inspiration from professionally manufactured cards and see how you can copy the idea (or better yet make them better!) with your own handmade thank-you cards. Never be afraid to give it a go – even the simplest ideas can have the best overall finish.

Helpful shopping list

Listed below are just a handful of helpful essentials that will make getting started easier:

Still looking for inspiration? We’ve got everything you need to make this Christmas even more magical than ever before. Have a browse of our craft section for anything and everything you might need. Got the crafting bug? Take a look at some of our other Christmas craft blogs like How to make your own Christmas wreath and How to create the perfect Christmas hamper.

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