Making your own thank you cards can be the perfect way to show your appreciation to friends, family and colleagues for the gifts and hospitality they have given you over the festive period.

A hug in an envelope

It’s an easy thing to forget to do in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of everyday life but the feel good effects of a heart-warming thank you can go a long way for both the sender and the recipient.  Although a quick text or social media post is fine, a personal thank you card is one of the oldest and loveliest ways to express gratitude and appreciation. For hundreds of years people have created thank you cards and notes and at wilko we love the idea of keeping that tradition going.

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We have a whole host of materials to produce the perfect thank you cards, making it easy to create bespoke designs that are purse- and time-friendly. Whether you’re recycling materials such as card, ribbons, buttons and wrapping paper or creating from scratch you’ll find everything you need.

Thank yous are not just for Christmas

Thank you cards are not just about Christmas, there’s always a reason to say thank you and here are just a few …

  • When you receive a gift
  • When a colleague has given you their time or advice
  • When a family member or friend has helped look after the kids or the school run
  • When a teacher has helped make school enjoyable for your children
  • When someone in your life always seems to do the little things that help out a lot

Get the kids involved

Instilling the art of showing gratitude and sending thank you cards from an early age will help your kids to stand out from the crowd as well mannered, warm-hearted kids who appreciate the kindness of others. They, in turn, will find being kind becomes second nature, a priceless quality in any person. Plus, let’s face it, many kids love crafting and making cards is a wonderful way to develop their creative streak and their writing skills.

Handy hints and tips

Reuse, recycle, re-purpose– Grab yourself a box and start collecting off-cuts of paper, card, material, brightly coloured sweet wrappers, old buttons, cutouts from magazines- anything and everything that can be used to create gorgeously individual thank-you cards.

Buy blank card and envelope setsCard that is already cut to size and has its own envelope will save you tons of time and will ensure that your cards look great, are sturdy and are ready for posting (once you’ve added your personal touch).

Invest in some good quality pens– Whether for the front or inside of your card, your thank you notes deserve to be written with a good quality pen that helps your handwriting look its best. Coloured gel pens are fabulous as are traditional ink fountain pens. Always remember to let the ink dry properly to avoid unsightly smudging. Find the idea of handwriting the sentiment on the front of your cards a bit daunting? Why not try stamps and stickers instead?

Check your spelling twice, put ink to paper once– Typos can be endearing if the kids are involved but it’s still best to get your spelling correct especially if you really want to make an impact for the right reasons!

Get the right tools for the job- Together with your selection of great pens and assortment of bits and bobs, keeping a stock of the essentials like scissors, glue, a ruler and double-sided sticky tape will make the job of pulling together thank you cards easier the whole year through. Simply pull out your craft box and get creating.

Find inspiration anywhere and everywhere-Professionally manufactured, handmade thank you cards can be pricey yet relatively simple to re-create with your own touches, finishes and tweaks so look around for inspiration and never be afraid to give it a go- quite often the simplest ideas can be the best.

Helpful shopping list

Listed below are just a handful of helpful essentials that will make getting started easier:

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Browse our craft section online at for anything and everything you might need.

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