It’s always lovely to receive a homemade card, like getting a hug in an envelope. So why not return the favour? Whether you want to make stylish cards, or get messy and creative with the kids, you’ll love our step-by-step guides on how to create your own Christmas cards. From button-embellished cards to glitter filled-designs, you’re sure to love our ideas.

The Santa card – one that kids will love!

Nothing says Christmas like Santa, and with cotton wool and glitter on the agenda, this is a great one to get the kids involved. For this card you’ll need:

Glitter TubesGlitter Tape

  1. First, take your card and lightly draw an outline of Santa in pencil. Make sure Santa is big enough that you can customise him.
  2. Next, draw on Santa’s sack and presents.
  3. Carefully apply a small amount of glue to Santa’s jacket, trousers, hat, presents and sack, making sure you reach the edges.
  4. Here’s where you can get the kids involved. Take the red glitter and sprinkle onto the jacket, hat and trousers. Then take your cotton wool and stick small amounts to the centre middle of the jacket, the trim of the jacket arms, the trouser hem and hat trim. Don’t forget to add a little ball of cotton wool to the end of Santa’s hat!
  5. Next, apply glitter of your choice to Santa’s sack and presents. The kids will love getting their glitter on!
  6. Colour in Santa’s gloves and boots with black felt tip, and then cut out white card for his face. Get the kids to draw on eyes, nose and a smile, and then stick it on.
  7. To add the finishing touches, cut lengths of the glitter tape, and stick along the top and bottom of the card. Leave to dry.
  8. Once dry, write your message inside and pop into the envelope.

The ‘just sticking required’ handmade card

This one is so easy to make and is perfect for getting little ones involved. For the ‘just sticking required’ handmade cards, you’ll need:

Gift tags Peel-off letters and symbols

  1. Fold the red card in half to make either horizontal or vertical cards.
  2. Take your tag design and stick to the card with PVA glue. If the tag comes with a rustic style string, stick it to the card by the string, allowing it to swing freely. You might need superglue to stick with the tag string, so make sure kids are supervised.
  3. Underneath the tag, stick on your self-adhesive letter stencils with wording of your choice. Try ‘Merry Christmas’ ‘Season’s Greetings’ or ‘Ho ho ho’. Leave to dry.

The button card

For a more sophisticated creative style, try making a button-embellished Christmas card. They’re so easy to make, but superglue’s involved so it’s best to keep kids out of this one. You’ll need:

 Card and envelopes Mini bows

  1. Arrange your buttons in the shape of a wreath.
  2. Once you’re happy with the shape, stick them onto your vintage-style card, using the superglue.
  3. Next, at the top centre of the button-shaped wreath, glue down your bow. Job done. Simple yet stylish!

The Christmas tree card

This card features different card textures and colours. For this simple but effective Christmas tree card design, you’ll need:

Glitter card Starry night ribbon

  1. Fold your A4 red card in half.
  2. On the reverse side of the green glitter card, draw the outline of a Christmas tree and cut it out. This tree can be any style you want, from simple triangle art deco designs to realistic or rustic.
  3. Stick the tree on the front of your card, using the PVA glue.
  4. Next, using all the colours of your glitter card, cut out small circles to use as tree decorations.
  5. Stick the small glitter circles on your tree.
  6. Take the green ribbon and cut a length to match the vertical length of your card.
  7. Stick along the vertical length of the card, close to the fold. Leave to dry.
  8. For added style, take the white card and cut a centimetre off the edge, all the way round. Open your red Christmas card, lay it flat and then stick the white card to the inside, creating a frame.

At wilko, we have a whole host of great value materials and craft accessories to make the perfect Christmas cards. Mix and match your card, glitter colours, tags and accessories to create various designs. Whether you’re recycling materials like card, ribbons, buttons and wrapping paper or creating designs from scratch, you’ll find everything you need in our craft section.

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