Once trick or treating’s done and the kids have collected enough sweets to set up a shop (!) why not get nice and cosy and have a Halloween-themed family film night in? We’ve teamed up with @tate.and.fable to show you how you can enjoy a perfect Halloween movie night in. Here’s how:

1. Set the Halloween scene

If you haven’t got them up already, it’s time to adorn your home with Halloween decorations. You can have a go at creating your own with the kids, or if you haven’t got the time, simply pick up scarily wonderful props from our Halloween range. Been carving pumpkins? Great, now’s the time to put them on display and place some child-friendly LED lights in them to create atmosphere.

2. Get snuggly at Halloween

Get the bean bags out and all the cushions and throws to make you as comfortable as possible. You could even bring down the duvets to make it proper snuggly. Whilst you’re setting up, put on some Halloween music. And don’t forget to dress up too; we have a great selection of adults and kids Halloween costumes to choose from to get you in the spirit of things.

3.  Grab the supplies!

All that trick or treating should leave the kids (and you!) with enough treats for the night, if not the rest of the week. Why not add even more sweetness to the film night with a lovely hot chocolate, and if you need any more sweets, just check out our huge confectionery range.

4. Choose the Halloween film

Kids are involved so it can’t be too scary; you don’t want them up all night! But of course it needs to be Halloween inspired. There are plenty Halloween films for kids to choose from, but if you’re going down the classic route, Hocus Pocus and Casper are great Halloween movies.

We hope you have a wonderful Halloween night in! Don’t forget to send your Halloween images to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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