The colours you use to decorate your home give an insight into your personality, even if you haven’t consciously thought about them. What’s more, the colour of a room can influence how you feel, which is why your next paint colour decision is so important! And with wilko having over 100 colours to choose from, you’ll certainly have lots to think about.

Think about the design and features of your room when you’re planning how to decorate, and don’t forget your furniture! Unless you’re planning to replace items, you’ll need to consider whether your planned decor suits the colour and style of sofas, dining sets and other furniture as well as more permanent features like fireplaces or exposed beams.

It’s also important to consider lighting. Dark, bright or bold colours add a dramatic touch to large, well-lit rooms, but can feel oppressive in smaller or dimmer spaces. Light, bright rooms also blossom when painted in off whites and cool natural colours. For smaller rooms, it’s often recommended to stick to white, but this can actually make a small space feel boxy and bland. A better choice is to choose a warm grey or muted neutral to give the impression of space with a cosy, modern edge.

Keep reading to hear more about our favourite colours for 2019.

Natural beauty

There’s nothing boring about sticking to neutrals. They’re the starting point for timeless, classic styling, and are the perfect base for either natural tones or bolder colours. If you get bored easily, painting rooms in a modern neutral colour will allow you to switch around colours of furnishings and accessories quickly and easily without having to redecorate entire rooms.

If you’re thinking of choosing a neutral tone, consider a durable paint option. They’re scrubbable and have a specially-formulated surface to help marks and stains wipe straight off. Wilko Durable and Dulux Easycare come in a range of colours and are a great choice for family homes or busy areas of your home.

Our top picks:

wilko Matt Emulsion Paint Soft Putty 2.5L Brand new 2019 colour

wilko Durable Vintage Taupe 2.5L 

wilko Matt Emulsion 2.5L Magnolia 

wilko Durable 2.5L Coastline

Dulux Matt 2.5L Natural Hessian


Modern monochrome

If you’re looking for an elegant look, why not choose grey for your walls? Taking over from cream as the new neutral of choice, you can choose from a range of colours from pale silver to dark and stormy charcoal and even black (if you’re brave!). It’s easy to combine a variety of tones into one room without it being too hard on the eye, and grey is also the perfect base to add a pop of colour with furnishings or accessories.

Paint woodwork and skirting boards in a complementary shade of grey for a modern twist.

Our top picks: 

wilko Durable Matt Emulsion Paint Lilac Storm 2.5L Brand new 2019 colour

wilko Durable 2.5L Stardust 

wilko Durable  2.5L Cosy Grey 

wilko Durable 2.5L Pearl Grey

wilko Durable 2.5L Mineral Stone

Dulux Easycare Matt Chic Shadow 2.5L


Tickled pink

Forget everything you think you know about pink paint. Gone are the days of sickly shades better suited to hospital waiting rooms – modern pinks are warm, clean and feminine.

Stay classic with a pale, rosy hue, or bring your room bang up to date by choosing millennial pink, with a whole range of blush and blossom shades in between. Accessorise with metallics, especially warm copper and rose gold, to tie the look together perfectly.

Our top picks:

wilko Silk Emulsion 2.5L Delicate Blossom

wilko Silk Emulsion 2.5L Softest Pink

wilko Silk Emulsion 2.5L Chalk White

wilko Statement Metallic 1.25L Blush Gold

wilko One Coat Matt 2.5L Grey Whisper

All that glitters

If you’re drawn to all things shiny, you’ll love our range of metallic paint. Whether you want to go all out and paint an entire feature wall, or you prefer to use metallic highlights to enhance a colour scheme, there’ll be a shade to suit.

Combine metallics with solid colours for a bold look -we like rose gold or with soft pinks, or copper with navy shades.

If you’re got a creative streak, why not go bold with a unique design on a feature wall? You’ll need good quality masking tape, a 0.25L tin of paint and your imagination! Mask off shapes, patterns or stripes and then get painting. Carefully remove the masking tape while the paint is still a little wet to get clean lines and avoid pulling paint off.

Our top picks:

wilko Statement Metallic 1.25L Blush Gold

wilko Statement Metallic 1.25L Copper Pipe

wilko Paint Glitter Finish Silver 0.25L

wilko Paint Metallic Gold  0.25L

wilko Metallic Paint Bronze 0.25L

wilko Paint Metallic Silver  0.25L

Don’t be blue

Blue is a calm, soothing choice which works well for a variety of rooms. Duck egg is a classic choice for a warm and cosy kitchen, dark blues work well to add drama in the bedroom or on a feature wall, while pale, coastal blues are a great choice for living rooms or bathrooms.

It’s also a particularly good choice for an office – did you know that the colour blue increases productivity?

Our top picks:

wilko Durable Matt Emulsion Paint Intense Blueberry 2.5L Brand new 2019 colour

wilko Durable 2.5L Teacup Blue

wilko Matt Emulsion 2.5L Cloudless

wilko Bathroom 2.5L Summer Tide

Mellow yellow

Add a bit of sunshine to your home with a pop of yellow. From bright and cheerful tones to elegant mustard’s, there’s a shade to suit a range of decors.

Yellow pairs well with grey, so try combining the two for a striking, modern look. It’s also said to boost creativity, so would make the perfect choice for a home studio or playroom.

Our top picks:

wilko Durable Matt Emulsion Retro Yellow Brand new 2019 colour

wilko Durable 2.5L Bumble Bee

wilko Kitchen 2.5L Sunshine Yellow

wilko Matt Emulsion 2.5L Lemon Sorbet

wilko Matt Emulsion 2.5L Pale Primrose

Get the green light

Why not look to nature to inspire your colour choices? With everything from delicate moss shades to zesty limes and deeper leaf tones, green works well for a range of rooms.

Muted greens pair well with neutrals, taupe’s or chocolate shades, while more vibrant greens look great with a grey. It’s particularly effective used in rooms which look out on outdoor spaces – kitchens or living rooms with big windows look lovely in a natural shade of green.

Our top picks:

wilko Durable Matt Emulsion Paint Treetops Brand new 2019 colour

wilko Matt Emulsion 2.5L English Sage

wilko Matt Emulsion 2.5L Whispering Sage

wilko Matt Emulsion 2.5L Lime Sorbet

wilko Bathroom Wilko Bathroom 2.5L Zesty



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