The colours you use to decorate your home with could provide an insight into your personality, even if you haven’t consciously thought about them. What’s more, the colour of a room can influence how you feel, which is why your next paint colour decision is so important! And with Wilko having over 100 colours to choose from, you’ll certainly have lots to think about.

It can feel like an intimidating concept – choosing a colour that will reflect your personality and enhance your mood – but with the aid of some our simple tips, it’s easy to create inspiring rooms within your home.

The choice of colour

Different people can be moved and inspired by different colours, which makes the choice of colour a very personal one. Think about how different colours make you feel and use this to inspire your colour scheme. What colours relax you? What colours energise you? Think about how your favourite colours will match or contrast with your current furnishings and accessories to get an all-round finished look.

It can sometimes be hard to picture what a colour will actually look like when brought to life in a room. Take inspiration from magazines, decorating books, Instagram etc. to gauge how you feel when you see certain colours in different room settings. Still not sure how your room will look in a different colour? Our Room Visualiser takes away the guessing. Just upload a photo of your room and apply your desired colour! Then pick out some paint tester pots to try out on your walls—after all, we know nothing beats the real thing!

The effects of a room colour

There are three basic emotion categories for colours: neutral, passive and active. Darker colours can bring sophistication to a room and will provide a more intimate, cosy feel, while lighter colours can help to introduce a brighter feel – great for making a room feel more spacious.


This provides a vivacious, intense feeling in a room as it boosts energy levels, stirring up excitement; particularly at night…

If you want your living or dining room to be a place where people gather for stimulating conversations, red is a great colour for drawing people closer. It’s also great for providing entrances and hallways with an unwavering wow-factor.

In the bedroom, red can provide an elegant and rich feeling, particularly as it’s often only viewed in lamplight. And, if you want to create this luxurious, intense atmosphere, a deep red is ideal.


Wilko Statement Emulsion Signal Red 1.25Lwilko tinsel town paintCrown quick kisswilko opulence paint


This colour is irrevocably happy. It brings the sunshine inside and cannot fail but to bring cheer to all of those who behold it; which is why it’s great for using in kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms and even bedrooms. It provides an energising feeling that uplifts, and when used in smaller spaces such as entrances and hallways, it can help create a spacious, welcoming feel. Yellow is complemented beautifully by warm greys, so if you’re not ready to paint walls yellow, try introducing it as a feature in stylish wallpaper, whilst providing a grey contrast on your other walls.

Yellow is also associated with productivity so is great for using in rooms where people work, study or need a bit of inspiration. Chromotherapy experts also believe that yellow helps to purify and stimulate nerves.

happy yellow paintsunshine yellow paintpale primrose paintbumble bee paint


Boasting a calm, serene feeling, blue is the perfect colour for rooms that you want to relax in. It’s known for helping to lower heart rates and blood pressure and is, therefore, a recommended colour choice for bedrooms as well as bathrooms.

If you want to opt for a refreshing blue, choose a lighter shade like a pastel blue but add to it with warmer hues in your upholstery and furnishings to avoid making a room feel cold.

Bring relaxation to your kitchen or living room with deeper blues such as duck egg. Or, for a dramatic, luxurious and bold touch, opt for dark blues on a statement wall or within your finishing touches.

powder blue paintsummer blue emulsion paintblue babe emulsionnordic spa


Bringing together the cheery nature of yellow and the refreshing feel of blue, green is perfect for most rooms in the house. It’s known for being a colour that is easy on the eye and has a particularly calming effect when it’s used as the main colour in a scheme.

Because green is associated with the natural world, it symbolises fresh starts, making it a colour that promotes growth and progression, encouraging you to follow your talents. Its naturalness also means that it has a nourishing quality, which provides a rejuvenating feel for those surrounded by it.

Introduce green paint into the kitchen to keep things fresh; or use it in a living room for a relaxing yet warming touch that will bring some of the outdoors in.

english sage green paintDulux putting greenCrown secret escapeDulux soft apple



Bring light purples to a room if you want to create a restful, soothing feel. Lilacs and lavenders will complement a range of pastel colours, looking great with floral patterns.

If bold and dramatic is more your thing, you’ll fall in love with our Deeply Plum shade from our Statement paint collection – perfect for feature walls. Related to wealth and opulence, deep shades of purple can add a truly sophisticated style to any room and are ideal in bedrooms and living rooms; particularly when combined with softer accents and rich, luxurious fabrics.

wilko purple hazeWilko powder purpledulux lavender quartzCrown scrumptious


Laughter, celebration and enthusiasm will be brought to rooms in abundance with orange colours. It’s the perfect colour for expressing your inner self; promoting confidence as well as bringing a younger more vibrant feel to a room.

It’s ideal for using in any home gym or exercise room, as well as an accent colour in bedrooms and living rooms. Try introducing subtle touches through your accessories and cushions if you’re not quite ready to take the leap into painting your walls with this colour.

Crown dance feverwilko frutti orangepeach blush paintwilko jelly bean


This is a fantastic colour if you want to bring a modern, powerful touch to a room. Unless you’re really confident in the colour, it’s best to introduce it in small doses so it doesn’t become too intimidating. Try a feature wall with black paint or opt for some decorative wallpaper. Then add to this within your upholstery by using a distinguished duvet or chic cushion. If you are feeling brave and you do want to paint your whole room black, ensure you choose a room that has a lot of natural light with high ceilings to open the space up. A stark white ceiling and white flooring will break up the black and should help avoid it being too overbearing.

black paintbarely black paintpure greyCrown city break


Nothing shouts contemporary minimalism and purity more than white, and it’s absolutely perfect for those wanting an elegant, crisp feel within their home. Whilst it’s not the most practical colour for young families, with white walls you’ll add an airy, peaceful touch to any room, and with Wilko Durable Paint, which is washable and scuff-resistant, you can be confident the finish will last.

Because of the tranquillity that is promoted through this colour, it’s ideal for using in bathrooms and bedrooms and it also offers a blank canvas upon which you can add any other colour to – perfect if you have lots of artwork you want to display around your home.

white paintbarely white paintclay white paintmilk white paint


This is the colour of love so it’s a must if you’re trying to create a romantic, receptive feel within a room. Pink boasts a tender quality and one that is very comforting so it’s ideal for using in the bedroom or living room.

Dulux sweet pinkwilko pink harmonycrown creme de la rosemarshmallow paint

By co-ordinating various colours into the rooms within your home, you can enhance what ever mood and emotion you want to, whilst adding distinguished touches that provide your home with a truly unique twist.

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