Need help getting to grips with your home clutter? Our space-saving tips will get you there in no time…

Trawl through the toys

If you’ve got kids, chances are every room in your home features a toy of some description. Why not have a good sift through all their old toys and get rid of ones they don’t use any more. Donate any unwanted toys to your local charity shop, or box them up and store them in the attic.

If boxing them away isn’t an option, we’ve got plenty of clever child-friendly, stylish and practical storage solutions to keep toys tidy.

From left to right: wilko large felt storage cube – £6; wilko storage cube – £30;

Forgotten storage spaces

Have a good scout around the home for any unused spaces that you could use for storage. Maybe you could make use of the space under the stairs by adding a few shelves? Or could you put the space under your bed to good use? We sell a fantastic range of stackable storage as well as underbed storage boxes designed to fit perfectly under your bed – out of sight out of mind!

 wilko modular underbed storage box 60L – £10

Stylish storage for living spaces

Make use of that empty corner where the Christmas tree once was by investing in some bookshelves. We love these stylish ladder shelves for instant organisation of everything from books and games to DVDs and photo frames.

  Wilko Scandinavia Ladder Desk Oak

From left to right: wilko Scandinavia ladder desk oak – £85; wilko Scandinavia ladder corner unit white – £70; Julian Bowen Tribeca tall bookcase black – £140

Organise your summer wardrobe

Vacuum storage is a great solution for saving on space. Bulky items such as duvets, pillows and bedding take up loads of space in cupboards but will shrink down to a quarter of their size with these clever storage bags, leaving you with more room to store your essentials.

Once all your winter bedding is stored away neatly, start organising your summer wardrobe to make the most of your bedroom space. Have a good sort out and promise to recycle anything you’re sure you won’t wear again once the cold weather returns. Local charity shops will certainly be grateful for your donations and often send out branded bin bags to be filled.

To get your wardrobe shipshape once you’ve had a clear out, we love our shoe organiser and outfit organiser to keep everything in its proper place! And if you don’t have much wardrobe space, our secondary rail will come in handy with fully adjustable cords for doubling up your space.

From left to right: wilko outfit organiser – £3; wilko secondary clothes rail – £5


You’re now well on your way to a clutter-free home! Do you have any more top storage solutions? Share them with us via our Twitter or Facebook page.

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