Hi, I’m Claude. Pleased to meet you. In celebration of International Cat Day (the best day of the year by far), I’ve been kindly asked by some nice hoomans to share with you my favourite cat toys.

International Cat Day

If you didn’t know already (where have you been?), the 8th of August is International Cat Day! It’s a day to celebrate the best of all pets and give us the recognition we deserve just like back in Ancient Egyptian times when we were worshipped as gods. Celebrate as I will be doing with plenty of snoozes, rolling around in the sunshine, climbing trees, playing with my toys and leaving a present in next-door’s garden.

Best cat toys

So, without further ado, to celebrate such a monumentous day here are my 5 best cat toys for breaking up the day between catnaps and tea time:

1. Catnippy owl cat toy – filled with alluring catnip, this owl is just begging to be chucked up in the air and chased after.
2. Catnip filled banana – perhaps an odd choice at first glance, but you try turning down a catnip-filled toy in such a fun and bright yellow colour.
3. Dangly cat toys with feathers – with a mix of different textures and sounds, these toys provide old-fashioned good fun. I personally love how the different colours really catch the eye too.
4. Noisy mouse – this ‘toy’ certainly lives up to the name. Sounding as close to the real thing as I’ve heard, it’s great for practising hunting skills.
5. Crinkle bug cat toy – making all the right crinkly and rustly sounds, this bug is music to the ears. Oh, and what’s more – you guessed it, it’s filled with catnip. Dreamy.


Cat essentials

Whilst I’m here, I might as well give you some extra tips on how to become best friends with a feline. Every cat loves a good toy to play with but there’s also got to be some good cat treats in the mix too – we most certainly deserve them, especially on World Cat Day. And, did you know, most of us enjoy between 12 and 16 hours’ shuteye a day? So cosy cat beds are essential for keeping us on your side.

And as for the little ones, there’s a whole range of kitten essentials needed if you’re thinking of inviting a little nipper into your home, including specially designed kitten toys and treats.

If you’re a hooman looking to bring a cat into your home (kudos), then you’ll probably be looking for some tips on welcoming a cat into your home too – this blog will give you a great starting point.

So, there we have it, some of my most favourite cat toys as well as some top tips on how to get you some extra brownie points from your feline friends. You’re welcome.

Catch you around,
Claude from @claudeandthehouse

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