If you’ve not already heard of Christmas Eve boxes, where have you been all this time? This new craze looks set to be a must-do this Christmas – but what’s it all about and what should you be putting in these boxes?

Traditionally, Christmas Eve was marked with a mince pie for Santa (and a drop of whisky, of course!) and a carrot for Rudolph, but now an increasing number of us are opting for family Christmas Eve boxes too. The origins of this new-found tradition are somewhat debatable, however, we think it’s the perfect excuse to spend some quality time with your loved ones, creating even more magical festive memories.

From hot chocolate to soft toys, here are some great Christmas Eve box ideas (along with some ideas for adults, too!):

The all-important box

No Christmas Eve box would be complete without the, well, box! So kit yourself out with a festive-inspired box that’s got plenty of room for your Christmas Eve box fillers. Or, for something a little different, you could use a hamper basket tied up with ribbon. This will give your box a rustic feel – ideal for adult hamper-style boxes complete with food and drink.

Sweet treats

One of the best things about Christmas Day is the unlimited supply of chocolate and sweets that are dished out throughout the day, so why not start early? Add chocolate coins, biscuits and boxes of chocolates for an indulgent treat. And for a nice finishing touch for adult hamper boxes, how about filling jars with their favourite sweets or some Pick & Mix?

Hot chocolate

To add to the cosy atmosphere, there’s nothing better than a warm mug of hot chocolate. From white chocolate to dark chocolate, choose everyone’s favourite, perhaps even adding a cute twist with the gift sets that come complete with a mug and biscuits or marshmallows included! Got grown-ups that are more of a tea or coffee drinker? Or perhaps something a bit stronger? Have a look at all our Christmas drink gifts to keep everyone happy!

Fun games and crafts

For some fun, interactive family time, why not incorporate some entertaining games or crafts within the Christmas Eve box? Choose from traditional games or festive-themed craft kits that the whole family can get involved in.

We love our Make Your Own Felt Christmas Stocking set which includes everything you need to make two festive stockings just in time for Santa’s arrival.

Soft toys

As a real pre-Christmas Day treat, why not include a cuddly soft toy? Perfect for snuggling up to while you read your favourite Christmas Eve bedtime story, these gifts are also a wonderful keepsake of a treasured Christmas Eve with family and friends.

Extra special touches

Finally, don’t forget to add a magic key for Santa so he can leave everything you’ve asked for this year (if you’ve been good!)Christmas Eve Box

We’ve even created a cute Christmas Eve letter for Santa that the kids can fill in before bedtime. Download it here.

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We love our Make Your Own Felt Christmas Stocking set which includes everything you need to make two festive stockings just in time for Santa’s arrival.

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