If you’re looking to pick up a new Christmas tree, there’s lots to consider. Do you choose a real or fake one? Do you go tall or short, wide or slim? Do you have the time to decorate it or would you rather it was pre-lit and pre-decorated? Do you only have a small space to fit it into, perhaps you simply want something extra for the kids’ bedroom or are you looking for a big showstopper tree? Have a look at our Christmas tree buying guide and you’re sure to find your perfect match in no time!

Real tree vs. artificial tree

One of the biggest benefits of having a real Christmas tree is the gorgeously festive pine smell that fills your room. It’s also great fun going out to find your perfect tree as a family. However, it’s no fun picking up the pine needles from the floor every day and having to invest in a new one every year! These days you can pick up an artificial tree that’s so realistic no one will be able to tell the difference! We love this 7ft Drop Hinge Traditional Design Artificial Christmas Tree, which is on of our fullest and most realistic trees. What’s more, you’ll have it up in no time at all with the drop hinge branches that you can simply fold into place when you get it out of the box! So less time faffing and more decorating!

Measure up

Once you’ve decided if you want to go real or artificial, next thing to do is make sure you pick a tree that’ll fit perfectly in your space. Take into account the height of your ceiling before choosing your tree (leaving a bit extra for the tree topper and stand). Think about how much space you have around your tree too. Our Christmas tree range starts at a space-saving 3 foot and goes right up to a whopping 8 – 9 foot!

Time savers

Save yourself some time during the busiest month of the year with a tree that comes pre-lit! With our pre-lit trees you won’t have to worry about buying lights to cover it, and you can skip straight to the good bit – decorating with baubles and other festive accessories.

Our top 4 Christmas trees

No matter what you’re after, we’ve got a tree for every space. Here are our top 4 for any home…

  1. 7ft Alaskan Fir Traditional Design Artificial Christmas Tree
  2. 6ft White Flocked Glitter Tip Artificial Christmas Tree
  3. 6ft Upswept Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree
  4. 7ft Flocked Fir Snow Effect Artificial Christmas Tree

Looking for something a bit more specific to your space or personality? Here’s some of the best of the rest:

Best Christmas tree for kids

3ft Green Tinsel Artificial Christmas Tree– Its small size and easy-to-assemble branches makes it perfect for adding an extra festive touch to kids’ bedrooms.

Best Christmas tree for small spaces

6ft Pop-Up Pre-Lit Gold Artificial Christmas Tree – This slim tree will squeeze into the tightest of spaces making it perfect for smaller rooms or offices. And what’s not to love about festive gold?

Most realistic-looking Christmas tree

5ft Canadian Fir Artificial Christmas Tree – Guests will struggle to tell the difference between this and the real thing!

Best hassle-free Christmas tree

7ft Mixed Cones and Berries Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree – Save time with this tree that not only comes pre-lit but it also features berries and cones already attached to kick off your festive decorating.

Best alternative Christmas tree

5ft Slim Rainbow Artificial Christmas Tree – The Christmas tree that everyone is talking about this year! Bring some instant colour into your home with our rainbow tree – what’s not to love?

And of course, you can shop our full range of Christmas trees on wilko.com

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Time savers

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