Get your body ready for summer and give yourself a little TLC with our simple tips and top tricks for healthy glowing summer skin!

Take fewer baths

Long hot baths may feel great, but the hot water strips away your skin’s natural oils and leaves it feeling dry. Try showering instead or lowering the temperature of the bath water a bit.

If you really do need that hot bath to relax though, make sure you replenish your skin with plenty of moisturiser afterwards. Your skin will thank you!

Moisturise your skin from the inside out

The best way you can moisturise your skin is drinking water. When you don’t drink enough water it dehydrates all of you – especially your skin. Water also flushes away all the toxins and waste in your body and keeps skin cells strong and healthy. So drink water whenever you can for healthier and stronger looking skin.

Top tip: Why not keep a bottle nearby to remind you to keep hydrated? We love this clip top glass bottle, or the Polar Gear aqua-freeze bottle, which has a removable ice stick – perfect for hot days!

Hula your way to a shapely waist and tight abs

Steal the hula hoop away from the kids to try some simple exercise that will shape your waist, tone the abs and work your core muscles. Put on your favourite music and swivel those hips to have some fun.

Try power jumps for strong, beautiful legs

Power jumps are a simple exercise that are great for your legs. Begin by squatting down and holding this position for a few seconds. Then use your leg muscles to jump as high as you can. Control your position as you land and keep your knees bent. Aim for five to 10 repetitions.

Effective tips for firmer skin

To keep skin looking firm from head to toe, you can also use a body moisturiser or firming lotion. We love the NIVEA Body Q10 Plus Firming Lotion which firms and moisturises as you smooth it into your skin, leaving your skin feeling tighter and more toned.

Boost your nutrients with tasty fruit smoothies

Making your own smoothie is not only a tasty treat but it’s a great way to get the vitamins, minerals and fibre you need for a healthy body and beautiful skin. It doesn’t take long – simply pop your favourite fruits in a blender with some juice and/or yoghurt for a quick blast of energy.

Top tip: Make a whole batch of smoothies in one go and freeze them for later! These pour and store resealable bags are ideal because they can stand up on their own for easy pouring and fit easily into spare spaces in your freezer.


Get some rest to rejuvenate your skin

When we sleep our whole body regenerates, including our skin. So it’s important to try to get plenty of rest each night (the NHS recommends 6-8 hours) and keep up a regular sleeping pattern to look and feel healthy.

But simple relaxation can help too. Since our brains use 20% of our energy, just 5 minutes with your eyes closed is all it takes. Concentrate on relaxing all the muscles in your face and try to clear your mind. In the middle of a busy day, these little moments can be almost as effective as a full night’s sleep.

Confidence is the best makeover

The biggest beauty secret is something you already own – confidence. When you walk taller and believe in yourself, others treat you that way. So break the cycle of negativity and start thinking positive!

It may be hard at first, so whenever you catch yourself with negative thoughts, try thinking of something you like about yourself instead. You could also try placing some money in a jar each time (we’re thinking like a swear jar, but for negativity). And when you need a real pick me up, you can use the money jar to treat yourself!

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