Keeping the car clean is often something we forget to do as often as we should. Give your mucky motor a makeover with our brilliant cleaning tips and keep that showroom sparkle all year round.

The essentials

Have all the essentials ready before starting the big clean. You’ll find all of the below products in our car care range:

• Bucket
Microfibre car wash mitt or sponge
• Fabric cleaner
• Vacuum cleaner
• Glass cleaner
• Car shampoo
• Chamois leather
• Microfibre cloths (at least two for interior and exterior)
• Wheel cleaner

Get an immaculate interior

Always clean the inside of your car first to avoid dragging the vacuum cleaner over wet ground. Race through the cleaning with these helpful hints:

• Have a bin bag handy to get rid of empty food wrappers and parking tickets wedged in the seats!
• Clean all your glass including wing mirrors, rear-view mirrors, windscreens and windows with a specialist glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth to prevent streaks.
• Tackle any stains on seats with a good quality fabric cleaner or leather cleaner depending on your seat’s material. When you’re done, leave the doors open to allow them to dry before starting on the outside.

Perfect your paintwork

Before starting to clean the outside of your car, make sure it’s parked in a shady spot as sunlight will dry the car quicker, leaving water marks. This is especially important during a heatwave as it will take a lot more water to banish water marks if you allow the suds to dry before rinsing. When you’re ready, follow these handy car washing tips for the ultimate finish;

• Use two buckets instead of one. Fill one bucket with soapy water (go easy on the car shampoo to make rinsing off easier) and one bucket with clean water. Use your clean bucket of water to rinse off your sponge/cloth/cleaning mitt as you go. This avoids you putting dirty water and debris back on your car and will save you water in the long run as you’re not dirtying up your soapy water.

• Clean from the top and work your way down.

• Sponges can sometimes damage your car as they move grit and debris around on the surface of your car as scrub. Use our extra soft microfibre mitt as a great alternative to effectively lift and trap dirt inside and away from your car’s surface, giving you the best scratch-free finish every time.

• Don’t forget to give your tyres some attention too. An alloy wheel cleaner will have them looking as good as new and a tyre shine will give your tyres a ‘just left the forecourt’ look.

• If you’re using and sponge and you drop it, rinse it thoroughly to remove any grit that could end up scratching your paintwork.

• To get your car as clean as a whistle use a chamois leather to dry it off, leaving a gorgeous streak-free shine.

• If your bumpers and trim need some TLC, restore them to their former glory with this shine spray. It’ll protect against fading and weathering too.

• For the ultimate treat, finish by giving your motor a wax polish. Not only will it look brand new again, it’ll also protect your paintwork from harsh weather conditions and road grime.

And for some fantastic tips on how to save water whilst washing your car, head over to our tips on saving water in the home and garden blog.

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