Keeping your bike nice and clean doesn’t have to take long, and has plenty of benefits. A clean bike not only looks great, it’ll save you money (as grease, dirt and grit will wear and damage parts) and you’ll also notice improved performance with smoother gear changing. We know it’s a dirty job, which is why we’ve teamed up with the experts at Muc-Off to bring you a quick and easy 4-step program, to help get that dirty bike looking like it’s straight from the showroom!

Step 1 – Clean

Grab a bottle of Muc-Off All Over Bike Cleaner, and give it a shake to activate its Nano tech formula. Wet your bike, spray the cleaner all over then sit back and watch it get to work on those grubby areas. Leave the bike cleaner to work its magic for about 5 minutes and agitate any stubborn dirt and grime with a brush or sponge. Once you’re done, just rinse your bike thoroughly with fresh water and you’ll be well on your way to making a clean getaway!

bike cleaner muc off

Step 2 – De-Grease

Next, you’ll want to remove muck, oil and grease from your chain and gears – this is the dirtiest bit! We’d recommend using the Muc-Off Chain & Gears Degreaser, which uses a water soluble and biodegradable formula to make light work of built-up grime. It’s simple to use, just spray all over your gears and chain and leave for a couple of minutes. If your chain is really dirty and greasy, use a brush to agitate and loosen, then rinse the area with fresh water making sure all the degreaser has been removed.

muc off chain and gears

Step 3 – Protect and Shine

Now that your bike is as clean as a whistle and free from grime, it’s time to protect it and leave it looking sparkling! Take a bottle of Muc-Off Protect & Shine, and spray your whole bike – ignoring any braking surfaces, tyres and grips. Wipe off any excess and let it dry. This will leave a non-sticky protective film that’ll help prevent dirt sticking to your bike next time you hit the open road. This stuff is a rust and corrosion inhibitor that will protect your bike whilst helping to drive out any excess moisture that left unattended, could react with oxygen leaving you with a rusty bike! It’s great to use on any part of your bike including all metal parts, paintwork and plastics.

muc off protect and shine

Step 4 – Lube

The last (but certainly not least!) stage is to add some chain lube – we’d recommend using Muc-Off Chain Lube, which has an easy application pipette system. Now that your chain is fully degreased, apply the oil making sure every part of the chain is treated – but don’t go too heavy on the lube or the chain will attract grime like a magnet. A good tip is to spin your pedals backwards whilst applying to make the job a bit easier. Now you’ll have an ultra-efficient drivetrain with a silky smooth gear change!

muc off chain oil

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