When you first bring your new kitten home, remember that they’ll need some time to get used to their new surroundings. Give them time to explore and discover your home and follow our top tips to help them along…

Choose her room

Pick a room for your kitten to ‘live’ in for the first couple of days. Make sure it’s a room with a door so you can temporarily keep them out of the way of the hustle and bustle of daily life (from little nippers and other pets you may have).


Copying their big cat cousins!

In the wild, your kitten’s big cat cousins patrol their territory from up high so they can keep out of the way of predators and spot potential prey without being seen.  It would be great if you choose a room where your kitten can hide easily and where there’s also somewhere they can get up high. This will really help them feel more at home and settle in more easily.

Kitty comforts

Your kitten is most likely to choose a quiet place to go to the toilet so try to pop their litter tray in a corner somewhere opposite the door (but make sure you have tray liners and a scoop ready!).

Clean their tray out regularly as cats are picky creatures and will go to the toilet elsewhere if their tray’s dirty!



Feeding time!

In the wild, your kitten’s big cat cousins usually eat away from where they use the toilet so it’s a good idea to put your kitten’s food and water away from their litter tray too! Also make sure that their food and water bowls are n’t too deep so they don’t bang their sensitive whiskers!

Cat basket

Try to pick a bed for your kitten that’s comfortable, warm and easy to clean. But don’t worry if they choose to sleep elsewhere, this is perfectly normal! We’ve got loads to choose from!

Cat carrier

Don’t forget to pick up a cat carrier as you’ll need one when bringing your kitten home as well as for any trips to the vet or cattery. Have a look at our range available here.

Scratching posts

Cats love to scratch as it keeps their claws sharp for hunting as well as producing scent and visual signals.

To stop them clawing at your furniture, pick up a good quality scratching post.

Don’t forget…

Here are a few more things you’ll need to make sure your kitten feels right at home:

  • Suitable grooming equipment for your breed
  • Cat flap
  • Fast release collar, lead, name tag and bell
  • Toys for playing


Settling in

Make sure the house is as quiet as possible when you bring your kitten home as they will be a little shy at first. Take them to their ‘room’ and leave them to explore for a bit. If you leave the door slightly open they’ll be able to come and go as they please and over time they’ll start to become more adventurous. Just remember not to let your kitten outside until they’ve had their jabs and leave it another two or three weeks after this before letting them explore the big, wide world!

Find everything you need to make your kitten feel right at home at Wilko.com or pop into your local store.

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