Outdoor lighting is a great way to make the most of your outdoor space after dark. It’s easy to create a mood and atmosphere which emphasises your garden’s best features. Regardless of whether you’re buying on a budget or strapped for space, at wilko we have something suitable to create the perfect atmosphere in your garden.

Illuminate your ideas

It’s a great idea to plan what you want to achieve with your outdoor lighting. A few carefully chosen lights can give your outside space another dimension and make

it a place you’ll love chilling out in after dark. Have a look round your outdoor space and pick out key areas you’d like to illuminate, draw attention to or distract attention away from. Great places for outdoor lights might include trees, walkways, table tops, summer houses or the edges of borders. Here are a few of our favourite lighting solutions:

Shiny string lights

Elegant and stylish, string lights can instantly transform your garden, regardless of how much space you have. String lights are incredibly versatile. You can hang them in strips above your seating area, hang them on tree branches or around a gazebo to give your garden a cosy feel. We have various designs to choose from, including pretty butterflies, flowers and dragonflies in a range of bright colours. You could group together a couple of sets to really create that wow factor.


Candles and lanterns you’ll love

Whether you’re having a family gathering or a dinner for two, candles and tea lights clustered around a patio will provide instant ambiance. Using lanterns adds to the overall look and feel you’re creating, whether hung on a wall or placed on your garden table. Scented candles are also great for adding to the atmosphere.

Safety first! Never leave lit candles unattended and always make sure that they’re out of reach of children and animals.

Super solar lights

At wilko, we love things to be easy and affordable. Solar lights are a great option; they’re quick to get up and running, without the help of any professionals, and they’re eco-friendly, using a renewable energy source. Solar lights allow you to be as creative as you like, giving you the freedom to put them anywhere you like without the hassle of a battery pack.

Magnificent marker lights

Marker lights or stake lights provide the perfect way to accentuate a water feature or rockery. They’re quick and easy to set up – just stick them in the ground and once they’re charged, they are good to glow! How about putting our solar sticks along your garden pathway to guide you in the dark? They’re really practical and look fantastic.

Whatever your garden style, you’re sure to find the outdoor lighting you’re after at wilko.com

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