Christmas is coming, and we’re here to make it a merry one! You’ve probably already thought about buying in booze for the festive season, but why not consider homebrew for something a bit different? If you’ve never tried brewing before, get your hands on one of our Homebrew Starter Kits and you’ll be making your own moonshine in no time.

Handmade everything is hip at the moment, and drinks are no different, so hop on board for our handy guide to fun with fermenting at the festive season.

Home Brewed Holidays

If you fancy making your seasonal tipple a little more unique, why not brew your own? DIY-ing it comes with a whole host of benefits, including fewer additives, which can also mean fewer hangovers! Home brewing is a popular hobby, and it’s really rewarding to end up with a hand-crafted drink that you’ve made all by yourself. You can also follow the craft ale trend and think of a fun, festive name for your new creation – how about ‘It’s Beer-ginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’ or ‘Tidings of Grape Joy’?

There’s also a cost saving, so home-made is a great way to go for anyone who’s watching the pennies. Whether you’re a beer monster or a wine buff, save more for Christmas presents by taking matters into your own hands.

Great Gift Ideas

Nothing’s more thoughtful than a handmade present, so why not give your loved ones the gift of booze this Christmas? Go the extra mile by adding a personalised label to let people know how much work has gone into their gift. Or if you want to really raise your game, you could even build a hamper around your finest brew and add a selection of cheese, crackers and pickles to make it look really special. Start with a wicker basket, add tissue paper, cello wrap and finish with a bow, then stand back and prepare to wow people!

Of course, if you’re giving a gift to someone with simple tastes, you can save yourself the time and effort and just stick a bow to it!

Here are our top products for perfect presentation:



Wilko Swing Top Bottles 500ml Tray of 6 – £9.00

Wilko Christmas Hamper Basket Bamboo Large – £2.50

Wilko Foil Bow Silver Large – £1.00

Wilko Christmas Winter Wonder Bottle Bag – £1.00

Perfect Presents

It can be tough to keep coming up with new gift ideas, so why not choose a Homebrew Starter Kit as a quirky present for someone who likes a drink or two? Budding wine tasters might enjoy creating their own Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay or rosé, while beer buffs can choose from a wide range of kits from a trendy IPA to a classic stout.

If you’re feeling particularly generous, why not add even more punch to your present by adding another boozy gift? Here are some of our favourite picks:


Radiance Gold Wine Glass Set of 4 – £5.00

Wilko Barware Set Copper Effect – £10.00

Radiance Gold Hi Ball Set of 4 – £5.00

Radiance Silver Champagne Flute Set of 4 – £3.00

For more DIY drink ideas, shop our full homebrew range at

Have you had a crack at creating your own self-brewed bevvy? We’d love to hear about it. Drop us a line or show off your creations on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter.


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