We all love welcoming nature into our gardens and there are few sounds more enchanting then hearing  birds sing.

Birds use songs for a variety of purposes depending on individual needs and the season. The most likely reasons for birds to sing are:

  • Attracting a mate- Singing is a male birds way of attracting female birds. The louder and more powerful the song is indicates the birds quality as a partner . Older  birds often develop variation in their song, allowing them the advantage over younger birds.
  • Claiming and Maintaining Territory- This is usually the most powerful bird you will hear a bird sing, warning other birds that a strong, healthy male is in control of a particular patch.
  • General Communication- Short songs can be used to attract mates to a newly  found food source like a bird feeder, can help flocks to keep in contact and some birds call from the nest when they fancy a rest from incubation duty.
  • Just because they can- Some experts believe that birds sing for pleasure, enjoying the sound of their own song and singing in unison with responsive birds nearby.

While some birds sing all year round, most sing from late winter to early summer in the hope of breeding , securing territories and strengthening bonds. Now is the time to catch a charming chorus of bird song, pre-dawn and dusk are when birds tweet the loudest. If you are particularly patient you can get to know the songs of your particular garden birds just by taking the time to observe them for a while. Before you know it, you’ll know exactly who has arrived before even taking a peek out of the window.

Did you know?     

In most species, only the male bird sings.

Singing loud and proud  burns huge amounts of energy and calories. At Wilko we have a great range of products to help attract birds to your garden by keeping their tummy’s full and keeping them singing.





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