BBQ cleaning, especially after your grill has been sat in the garage or shed for months is never a nice job but it’s an important one to avoid germs setting in. We’ve put together some quick and simple tips for how to clean a BBQ grill and tray the easy way.

What you will need

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Once you’re armed with all the tools for the job, here’s a few of our favourite options to help you find the best way to clean a BBQ:

1. BBQ wire brush

Cleaning stubborn grime and food particles off your barbecue grill with a BBQ cleaning brush is much easier when the grill is still slightly warm. If you leave it until it has gone cold, it can make cleaning much more difficult as everything will have hardened onto the grill (always be careful to make sure the grill has cooled down enough for you to handle before using a BBQ brush to clean it).

Using a grill brush every time you use the barbecue will massively help reduce cleaning time – this is one of the best tips to avoid barbecue cleaning nightmares!

2. Steam cleaning

If you have a barbecue with a lid, let it cool down significantly but while it’s still warm pop in some water-soaked newspaper and close the lid for around half an hour. This will act in the same way as a steam cleaner and help you wipe off any stuck-on, burnt grime from the grill much easier.

3. Dishwasher

After removing the worst of the grease and grime on your BBQ grills, while they’re still warm stick them into the dishwasher on a pots and pans cycle wash, and they should come up looking shiny and new once more.

4. Vinegar spray

All you need to naturally clean your grill is an empty spray bottle, some white table vinegar, lukewarm water (our vinegar spray will do just the trick too) and kitchen foil.

Put two cups of vinegar into the spray bottle and top up with two cups of lukewarm water. Then put the lid on before shaking to ensure the liquids are mixed together. Spray this solution onto your barbecue grill and tray, leaving it to soak in for approximately 10 minutes.

Once dry, pour some vinegar onto a folded square piece of kitchen foil and use this to scrub at the grill. You can also use this to clean the rest of the barbecue but always check with the manufacturer’s recommendations first.

5. Bicarbonate of soda

Bicarbonate of Soda

If you find that your grill still isn’t spotless, simply place them into a large plastic bag and put half a cup of bicarbonate of soda and a full cup of vinegar into a bowl to mix together. Pour this all over your grills and leave it for several hours – it’s even better if you can leave this overnight. Once done, rinse the grills thoroughly and you should see the grime fall away with ease!

Top tip: Whatever cleaning method you choose, once you’re done, rub the grill in a light dose of vegetable oil to help to stop it from rusting.

6. Soapy water

Even if you empty out all of the ash and food stuffs from your barbecue tray after each use, it’s recommended to give the BBQ tray a thorough clean every so often. This will help to reduce smoke and to keep your food tasting great.

Scrape out any of the nasty grime that’s lurking in there before using warm soapy water to give it a deeper clean.

Top tip: Should you find that it’s particularly greasy, try using cat litter to soak up the grease (yes, we said cat litter)! If you do need to pour the grease out, always pour it directly into a container and dispose in the bin rather than down the sink / drain.

Hopefully our top tips will have you barbecue ready in no time at all. Got any other tips? We’d love to hear them. Share your hacks with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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Don’t forget to check the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning as products may vary.

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