There’s plenty of baking to be done this Christmas, and we’ve got everything you need to get started! Take a look at our top picks for creative cakes and perfect puds this Christmas:

Before you bake

cupcake apron red teatowelsred oven gloveWilko baking recipe bookcream cookbook stand

From left to right: Cupcake Apron – £5; Poppy Fields tea towels – £4; Red oven glove  – £2; Wilko baking book£2.50; Cream heart cookbook stand – £8.50

Measure it out

red kitchen scalesvintage-style measuring cupsTala dry measures cupplastic measuring jugglass measuring jug

From left to right: Red kitchen scales – £10; Vintage measuring cup set£8; Tala cooks dry measure cup£6; Measuring jug – 35p; Glass measuring jug – £2

Mix it up

plastic mixing bowlMason Cash mixing bowlsplatter guardwooden spoonsilicon whisk

Left to right: Large plastic mixing bowl£1; Mason Cash mixing bowl£10Mixing bowl splatter guard£2Wooden spoon30pSilicone whisk with stainless steel handle – £1.25

flour sifter Wilko Functional hand mixerMixerFreestanding mixer Hand blender set

Left to right: Flour sifter£3Hand mixer –  £4.99Fixed bowl mixer set – £25Free standing food mixer –  £80Hand blender set – £15

The tools for the job

pastry brushpallet knifecake testerrolling pincake slice

Left to right: Pastry brush50pPallet knife£3Cake tester£1Rolling pin£1Cake slice£3

Shape it up

teacup cake mouldsstar cookie cutters set of 4cake pop mould gingerbread cutters set of 3cookie cutters

Left to right: Teacup cake moulds£3Star shaped cutters£1.25Cake pop moulds£5Gingerbread man cutters£1.50Reversible circle/scallop cutters £2


Pop it in the oven

Cupcake tinoven trayheart cake tingreaseproof papercake tin Left to right: 12 cup non-stick cupcake tin –  97p; Non-stick oven traywas £2.25, now £1.50; heart-shaped cake tin – £4; Greaseproof baking paper  –  £1; Deep non-stick cake tin£3

Finishing touches

wire cooling rackcake decorating turntable cake decorating set cake pop set cake covering kit Left to right: Wire cooling rack£1.50; Cake decorating turntableWas £5, now £4; Cake decorating set£3; Cake pop set£3; Mason Cash cake covering set£24

Keeping it fresh

plastic baking box fairies cupcake boxcupcake caddyglass cake domecake tins Left to right: Baking box 15 litres£4.50; Friendly fairies cake boxes£3; Cupcake caddy £10; Glass cake plate with dome£8; Set of 3 cake tins£10

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