Camping in the back garden can be just as adventurous as taking the family camping for the weekend. With the summer holidays now with us, it can be a costly (and exhausting!) time keeping the kids entertained for six weeks. Thankfully we’ve come up with some exciting ways that can turn your back garden into a mini getaway destination. With a few camping accessories and a little imagination we can keep the boredom from setting in!

1. Get your camping equipment

First thing’s first, if you’re camping in your back garden with the kids, you need a few of the camping essentials to get you started. Start with a tent. The Yellowstone Pop Up Tent is so easy to assemble – perfect for when you’re pushed for time. Get the sleeping bags out and prepare for a night camping in the back garden. In the morning, bring breakfast to your tent, and if you really want to live the camping experience then crack out the mini stove and get cooking up a storm in the garden. The kids will love it. Don’t forget the insect repellent to keep away pesky bugs.

2. Backyard camping party

This is a great one for both adults and kids to get involved in. If your friends are stuck for ideas to keep their kids busy, why not invite them all over for a backyard mini festival! Think Glastonbury on a very small scale. Get meat sizzling on the BBQ, music on Bluetooth and encourage the kids to set up a face painting area. If your friends and family are musical then ask them to bring along instruments for some live music. The opportunities are endless. If there’s room, light a fire pit or hang some string lights to really set the atmosphere.


3. Backyard beach

Want to recreate the beach in your backyard? No problem. Strike up the BBQ and get the deckchairs out. And if it’s really warm, fill up the paddling pool and dip your feet in. To keep the little ones entertained, dig out the bucket and spade along with your sand pit and get building some sand castles! A few bat and ball games, beach towels on the floor and sandwiches wrapped in tin foil ought to bring that beach vibe home.

4. Wild camping

Want to do ‘camping’ the wild way? Why not have a go at creating your own tent with the kids? Grab some long bamboo sticks, stand them upwards, join them so they’re just crossing over at the tip, then fan them out at the bottom to create a large round shape. Tie the sticks at the top. Your bamboo should resemble a teepee shape. Next, grab an old sheet and wrap it around the bamboo, leaving room for an opening at the front. Don’t have any bamboo? A clothes horse can do just as good a job. When it comes to wild camping, you don’t need to be an expert builder, it’s all about using tools and equipment you have to hand. We wouldn’t recommend your kids sleeping in the homemade tent overnight, but it’ll make a great hiding place for them and their friends!

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