If you’re planning a holiday with the kids this year, chances are you’ve got a long car journey ahead too! Choruses of ‘are we there yet?’ ring from the back seats while you try to concentrate on navigating to your final destination as painlessly as possible. In order to restore some order to your road trip it’s a good idea to prepare lots of activities for the kids to keep them occupied (or distracted!) so you can concentrate. We think we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you along the way. Let us know what you think and tweet us @LoveWilko with any of your own tried and tested tactics!

Get organised

As well as remembering to pack all the usual bits and bobs from your holiday checklist, don’t forget to put together a ‘road trip survival kit’. Essentials include duvets and pillows, snacks, drinks and any activities you decide to bring along. If you’re struggling for space in the car amongst all the suitcases then why not store all these essentials into a smaller rucksack which you can hang from the back of the front seats?

Snack time

It’s always a good idea to go for snacks that won’t leave your car covered in a sticky mess. Pack sandwiches that contain mess-free ingredients such as peanut butter or ham. And don’t forget to put together some quick and easy snacks such as raisins or nuts that the kids can easily graze on. If you’re travelling for a long time, make a pit stop at a local park along the way to enjoy your lunch (it lets the kids run off some steam too!). Don’t forget to store your snacks in a handy cool bag.

Quick and easy boredom-busters

There are lots of games you can get the kids playing when they start to get restless. Some of these you can pack along with you and others you’ll need to prepare before you go. Activities such as colouring books and puzzle books are great if you’re in a rush and they’ll keep your little ones entertained for hours. You can pick these up for as little as 50p and we love this holiday fun colouring and activity book; perfect for getting them in the holiday spirit! We also have a great selection of pens and colouring pencils to help your kids get creative.

colouring bookHoliday fun activity book


Why not grab one of our notepads or diaries and encourage  your kids to jot down what they see on their journey? They can use this throughout the holiday, too. It’s a great way to pass time and helps your kids (and you!) remember what you got up to each day!

Having the back seat filled with toys and books, sometimes isn’t always practical, so classic games such as ‘I Spy’ and ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ are perfect for passing the time without making a mess! If you’re going on a really long trip and want to avoid the inevitable ‘are we there yet?’ every couple of miles then why not print a map showing your route and laminate it? Use a dry wipe pen to mark your journey and then get the kids to follow the route, shouting out various towns and cities as you pass through them.

Find lots of inspiration for keeping the kids busy online at wilko.com

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