Do you dream of a gorgeous garden, but feel short of time or energy? Maybe you think your garden is too small to be spectacular? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We believe that any garden has the potential to be great. But while you definitely don’t need acres of land to grow the perfect plot, when you’re short on room you might need to think about things a little bit differently. We love gardening and we also love designing products that help overcome the problems you’ve told us about. Meet our Clever Pots range, which is full of helpful solutions for everyday gardening.

Here are our favourite 7 products to help you get out there and enjoy your outdoor space:

1. Clever Pots Drainpipe Pot Holder


Drainpipe pot holder

No garden? No problem! Take a look at our drainpipe plant pot holder.

It attaches easily to most round drainpipes so you can grow all your favourite flowers and herbs right outside your door. Available in aubergine, green and black – simply pick your favourite colour, and add a plant pot with a 20cm diameter – then watch your outside space come alive

2. Modular Raised Bed

Having a raised planter means you can massively increase your growing space, and control growing conditions – perfect for plants that need soil that’s different to the natural soil in your garden e.g. blueberries that need alkaline soil. This raised plant bed means you can create a microclimate for your plants and also helps with root formation, making sure your plants have all the support they need to stay healthy. Easy to assemble, the raised bed will be ready in no time at all, so all you need to do is get growing.

Take advantage of the hexagonal shape by using several of them together, creating a unique display that perfectly fits your space.

3. Triangular Planter with Cane Support

Triangular planter

Forget canes falling over in the wind. Forget not feeling like you have enough space to grow veggies or beautiful flowers. Our triangular planter comes complete with built-in supports you can slot canes into, making it easier than ever to try your hand at vertical growing. Ideal for growing everything from runner beans and tomatoes to clematis and sweeet peas.

4. Foldable Potting Box

Don’t think you can get into gardening because you don’t have a shed or room to get messy when potting up or planting seeds? With our foldable potting box to hand, you don’t have to worry. Whether you’re potting on an outdoor bench or on your kitchen counter, simply unzip the front panel for easy access, sow or repot as needed then fold back up, keeping all your mess contained. With side pockets, it’s also perfect for keeping all your bits and bobs together.

5. Plant Pot Carrier

Plant pot carrier

This fully adjustable plant pot carrier makes light work of moving heavy plant pots around your garden. Simply wrap the strap around the plant pot and carry using the two handles (or share the load with another person). Ideal for carrying pots up to 45cm in diameter, and with a tough, hard-wearing polyester construction, it’s perfect for use all year round.

6. Hanging Basket Reservoir

Our innovative hanging basket reservoir fits inside the centre of a hanging basket and slowly releases water to keep plants hydrated. All you need to do is bury the special reservoir in the middle of your hanging basket before filling the basket with your favourite compost and plants. Fill the reservoir up with water, then it will slowly release water into the soil – perfect for when you go on holiday, or just want to regulate how much water your plants need if you tend to under or overwater hanging baskets. You can even add plant feed straight into the reservoir.

We’ve put a video together to show you just how easy it is!

7. Reservoir Hydroballs

Reservoir hydroballs

Struggle to keep plants happy and healthy? Green with envy over your neighbours’ green fingers? These clever hydroballs create a steady water source for your plants as they slowly release water (when they’re placed inside the included waterproof liners). You can also use them without the liner to simply aid aeration and drainage. Perfect for any planter size, they’ll keep your plants looking luscious for longer!

And there you go, our round-up of all the must-have gadgets you need in your garden this summer! Check out more of our garden ideas here.

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