Gardening can improve your mood in a number of ways. Reconnecting with nature, keeping active and relieving stress are just some of the benefits. Whether you’re growing your own veggies or building a living plant wall, we can all feel the positive effects of spending time in the garden. But taking on a massive project can often feel overwhelming. If you’re looking for some easy garden projects to boost your mood, we’ve come up with 7 garden project ideas to get you started.


Grow sunflowers from seed

Nothing says cheerful like a big, bright row of yellow sunflowers! Nurturing plants from seeds and watching them grow into beautiful blooms is not only satisfying, but gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Sow sunflowers outdoors from March to May and they’ll be ready to flower from June to September. These uplifting flowers are sure to put a smile on your face.



Make a relaxing seating area

Do you long for a soothing spot to spend a sunny afternoon? Create a cosy corner of your garden with a garden bench, swing or seat. Garden furniture can totally transform how you use your outdoor space. Turn it into a welcoming retreat after a long, stressful day by creating a relaxing space to sit. If your outdoor furniture is looking a bit tired, why not give it a refresh with paint?


Build a living plant wall

This DIY garden project can transform an uninspiring space into a green oasis. It’s also set to be one of the hottest garden trends of the year. Make sure to build your living plant wall onto a structurally sound wall or fence. Once you’ve chosen where it’s going to go, attach a row of battens then screw your planters in place. Start from the bottom and work your way up, attaching the plastic planters in staggered rows. Then you can start filling your wall with your favourite plants! Remember to give it a good watering too. You’ll need to water your plant wall every two weeks to keep it looking luscious.

One-pot vegetable garden

There’s no better feeling than cooking with your own home-grown produce. But not everyone has room for a large vegetable patch. Plant your favourite edibles in a trough or container for a simple growing solution. Tomatoes are a great choice as they’ll grow well in pots and you can add some tasty herbs too.


Plant herbs in a window box

It’s an easy way to enjoy fresh herbs and you’ll feel great once they start popping out of the soil. Whether you want to grow coriander, sage or rosemary, start by choosing your favourite herbs. You can pick them up as seeds or as small plants. Annual herbs are especially easy to grow from seed, whereas perennials will take longer to grow. If you’d prefer low maintenance gardening, opt for small plants instead.

Perk up your fence with trellis


Bring a boring fence back to life with trellis. It’s an easy project to have a go at and will make your garden

feel like a secluded sanctuary to relax in. From roses to clematis, trellis is an ideal support for a range of pretty climbing plants. Garden screening is another way to add privacy to your backyard if it’s overlooked.


Finish off your garden with edging

Garden edging is an inexpensive way to beautify your garden in just a few hours. From picket fences to logs, and border fences, there are loads of creative ways to section off your lawn, divide up a veggie patch or add decorative touches to flower beds. This easy garden project can help you make the most of your garden so you can enjoy the benefits of spending time outdoors.


Taking time out from the stresses of everyday life and getting stuck into a garden project can help you feel good so why not have a go at one of our garden projects? We’d love to hear your own ideas too. Share them with us on twitter, facebook or instagram. Looking for some more garden inspiration? Head over to our garden department on

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