The October half-term is almost upon us (where does the time go?), and with the weather getting colder, you may be worrying about keeping the kids entertained. Fear not, we’ve got some fantastic ideas for you, and they won’t involve breaking the bank either!

1. Get them in the kitchen

Kids bakingKids are naturally creative, and often want to get involved in what the adults around them are doing. Why not embrace this and get them involved in creating their food? There are hundreds of simple recipes out there, that you don’t need to be a master chef to make, and kids will love eating the food if they’ve made it themselves. Why not try some of these recipes:



Horrifying hot-dog mummies

Creepy cake-pops

Ham and cheese hands and cucumber stars


  • Things will get messy – embrace it!
  • Clear all sharp and breakable objects out of the way.
  • Give the kids the simple things to do, like rolling pastry, cutting shapes and adding the ingredients, and allocate the jobs between them.
  • Give them the first taste – cook’s perks after all!

2. Make a cushion or blanket camp

This is a really nice and easy way to keep the kids entertained for hours and gives them a temporary new space to play. Drape a sheet over a few dining chairs or a large table and you’re good to go. Furnish the camp with make a blanket fortblankets, cushions and their favourite toys, games and books.


  • Cardboard boxes make good “building blocks” and you can even cut holes for “windows”.
  • Use clothes pegs or large clips to secure the sheets in place.

3. Visit a free museum

visit a free museumMany of the UK’s top museums offer free entry for adults and kids alike, and if you take a packed lunch, there’s no reason for visiting a museum to be an expensive experience. There is a misconception that all the best museums are in London, but this isn’t the case. There are plenty of fantastic museums located all around the country. Visit your local tourism or council website for details or try one of these for size:


British Museum

Museum of Liverpool

National Museum, Cardiff

The V&A

National Museum of Scotland

The Science Museum

4. Organise a nature walk

organise a nature walk

Don’t let the colder weather put you off – though you might want to keep this one for a drier day – there is still plenty to see around Britain’s parks and nature reserves in the autumn. Make a list of some of the plants and animals you’re likely to see and get the kids to check them off when they spot them.

Some suggestions for the list:



Stinging nettle


Horse chestnut (conker) tree



Oak tree

5. Set up a treasure hunt

Treasure huntTreasure hunts don’t need to be difficult or time-consuming to set up. Take a few (5-10) distinctive objects of various sizes (nothing valuable) and make a list of them, then hide them in different locations around the house.


  • You can make this more difficult if you have slightly older kids. Try creating clues to the whereabouts of the objects so that they have to follow the trail.
  • For younger children, give them the list, with pictures of the objects they need to find. Then have them check them off as they find them.

6. Make papier-mâché sculptures

Papier-mâché is very simple to make, and you probably have the ingredients to make it lying around the house. Simply put some plain flour into a bowl and slowly add warm water, mixing all the Make papier mache sculptureswhile, until you have a smooth, watery paste. Tear some newspaper into strips and you’re good to go! Here are some ideas of what to make. Why not have a race to see who can make theirs fastest!

Bunny or penguin

Hot air balloon



  • Let the kids decorate their creations using paint, glitter, sequins… anything they can find. Remember to let the sculptures dry first.
  • This will also get messy. Make sure you use a hard surface that can be easily wiped down and steer clear of soft furnishings and best clothes!

We’ve plenty of kids games, toys and craft items to keep your little ones occupied during the holidays, whatever the weather. Have a look online at or visit your nearest store.

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