Although some people really do love cleaning, it’s certainly not for everybody – and making your house look lovely and clean before guests arrive can seem like quite the chore! We’ve got some great advice on how you can approach the festive house cleaning project, and some handy tips on how to make your home so clean it sparkles!

Where do I start?

Before giving your home a good scrub, it’s always a good idea to clean out the clutter. Many people fill the cupboards at Christmas time, so have a tidy beforehand and throw out any old or out of date food to make some room. It’s also a good time to defrost the freezer, to make a bit of extra space for frozen goodies!

Rooms often feel crowded when you’ve got a house full of guests – have a think about whether you need all your furniture and ornaments, and if not try and store them in a shed or garage over the Christmas period. This should free up a bit of space, make your home seem a bit bigger and make it more welcoming for guests! You could also move furniture around in your living room to create additional space, but do this before you’ve put up the tree – as there’s nothing worse than a toppling tree!

Try to sort through old books, DVDs and toys before Christmas, to create room for any new gifts. Charity shops will appreciate anything you don’t need, or you could always list them on an online auction site. Have a look at our range of storage boxes, handy for toys received at Christmas.

Why not plan to get all your ironing out the way before guests arrive? And seeing as it’s Christmas, why not treat yourself to a new ironing board! Our ironing board is stylish and practical, or if you’ve already got one, check out our fabulous bird house board cover. We’ve also got some lovely colourful laundry hampers – available in red, teal, green and purple.

The deep Christmas clean

Many of us have busy lives and don’t get to clean as much as we’d like to… so now is the perfect time to deep-clean your home!

Spray bottles

Keep your turkey happy and give your oven a thorough clean, we recommend the Oven Pride Complete Oven Cleaner 500ml which transforms racks and grills as well as tackling the inside of the oven. Make the kitchen floor so sparkling you could eat your Christmas dinner off it (not that we’d recommend this) – check out the fun and colourful mops and buckets in our Colourplay range… so fun the kids may even help out with the mopping (ok, that may be a bit of a stretch). Stock up on our anti-bacterial floor wipes for the little spillages that don’t require mopping up, and keep your kitchen surfaces germ-free with our anti-bacterial wipes, available in lemon or lavender. We particularly like the fresh scent of the lavender wipes!

Give your cutlery, plates and glasses a clean, especially if you’re using a special set that has been shut away in the cupboard since the previous year! They may be a bit dusty and need a clean. If you’re using last year’s decorations and lights on the tree, they may also be a bit dusty. It’s much easier to give them a clean before you put them on the tree… our multi-purpose polish wipes can help with this.

When it comes to stocking up on cleaning essentials this Christmas, Wilko really is a one-stop-shop. Check out our great value sponge scourers, large dish cloths and rubber gloves, available in small, medium or large.

If you simply don’t have the time for a deep clean, try and focus on tidying the rooms that people will be in over Christmas, such as your living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom.

The finishing touches

Make sure you’re well stocked with cleaning products, so that you aren’t rushing out in the Christmas traffic at the last minute. For a festive finishing touch check out the Nicky Snowman and Snowdog kitchen roll and toilet roll, and it’s always handy to have a stain remover to hand in case Nan knocks another glass of wine! Bin bags always come in handy – our great value 20 pack of Tie Top Refuse Sacks will do the trick.

Finally, the windows often get forgotten about – so check out our smear free quick drying glass wipes, which will make it easier to spot Santa’s sleigh from the comfort of your home!

With the cleaning complete and the finishing touches in place, it’s time to put your feet up and enjoy a scrumptious mince pie whilst you wait for your guest to arrive… just make sure they remove their shoes before entering your lovely clean home!

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