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Have fun, good luck and Happy Easter!

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Ideas to make your winning Easter Bonnet

Here are ten easter themed bonnets to spark the imagination using items you can pick up in wilko. Pick your favourite or let your imagination run wild and create something completely original.
An old hat or cap could provide your little ones with the perfect blank canvas. Then, all they’ll need to do is unleash their creativity…

1. Floral bonanza

Decorating the bonnet with flowers they’ve created is easy – all you need is different coloured tissue paper and pipe cleaners. Simply cut out circles of tissue paper in different sizes and thread a pipe cleaner through the centre of them. Then, scrunch some of the layers up to create different textures and to give them their individual petals. Using glue, attach these to the bonnet.

Or, to give the hat more of a realistic, meadow-like feel, you could use fresh flowers from out the garden. Alternatively, use dried flowers to create a rustic look.

Top tip: If they’d rather have a bonnet looking like it’s just come from the Mad Hatters Tea Party, add some quirky touches like loose feathers and maybe even a little bunny or two!

2. Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken

No Easter creation would be complete without some little chicks and these are the ideal addition for a bonnet. They’ll bring a truly seasonal look to the hat, whether you choose the fluffy yellow ones or you opt for chick foam sheets.

Top tip: If you’re using an old hat and it’s starting to look a little frayed and tatty, use some ribbons to cover this before placing the chicks on top.

3. Start nesting

Create the perfect home for the little chicks by turning the bonnet into a nest. Using foam sheets, cut them into strips and then wrap around some pipe cleaners to create a halo that will rest on the brim of the bonnet.

Then, select some chicks and bunnies to nestle into the paper, adding some eggs and feathers for further detail.

4. Bouncing bunnies

We can’t forget Easter Bunny, and it’s easy to add this character to an Easter bonnet. Simply get some sturdy card in grey and pink and cut some bunny ears out (use the pink to represent the inner of the ear), and attach these to the bonnet.

Add to this with chicks, eggs and other accessories to bring the bonnet to life.

5. Rabbit ears

If you haven’t got a hat, or your child doesn’t want to wear one, you can still create a stylish headpiece which features bunny ears.

Simply get a large piece of card and measure it so it will wrap around your child’s head. Then, staple this together before adding some cardboard ears. You can also add a nice twist to the ears by using some fluffy pink fabric to create the insides of the ears – or use our Easter bunny glasses.

Top tip: Create an Easter Bunny or Chick headband with our Easter foam masks. With everything you need included, it’ll provide your child with hours of entertainment and can be personalised with their own little touches.

6. Choctastic

If you want to indulge in chocolate during the Easter period then creating a chocolate inspired Easter bonnet is a must. You’ll need a sturdy straw hat or a cardboard one so it’ll withstand the weight of the chocolates.

The perfect eggs to decorate with are mini ones, or larger ones that are covered in vibrant foils. Create a nest for them to sit in using shredded paper and chenilles, then arrange these on the top of the hat and you’ll have the perfect headpiece or table decoration. (Just remember to keep it cool so the chocolates don’t melt!)

Top tip: Bring distinguished twists to the design by using ribbons, colourful pom poms, daisy embellishment and other cute additions.

7. Colourful collage

To create an impact with colour, get your child to colour in lots of Easter related pictures, or cut shapes in colourful card to create a collage on the hat. You can even add Easter themed stickers and embellishments for added touches.

8. Easter party hat

For a hat with a difference, why not create a cone party hat? Decorate a rectangular piece of card with Easter stickers, glitter, paint and tissue paper, then, once it’s dry, roll it up into a cone, and just make sure the bottom fits your child’s head.

To finish, use some decorative ribbon by threading it through the bottom of the hat and tying it under your child’s chin.

Wiggly eyes 9. Farmer hat

Using a straw hat, why not try covering it in fluffy white pom poms to create one giant sheep? Then, use some wiggly eyes to bring it to life, and add some black pipe cleaners for legs and black cardboard for ears. This is certain to attract attention!

Top tip: Add some fluffy chicks into the mix and even some mini chocolate eggs for an added treat.

10. Full of the joys of spring

Unite Easter and spring with a hat themed on all things Spring – flowers, nests, bees, birds and lambs will set it off perfectly! Use these to decorate the top of the hat before adding some colourful ribbons and even some fresh sunflowers for that extra wow-factor.

Don’t forget… Upload a photo of your Easter bonnet on social media and tag us at @lovewilko with #lovewilko & #easterbonnet in your post for a chance to win a kids’ toy bundle!

Terms & Conditions: http://bit.ly/EasterBonnetTsAndCs


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