Garden in need of an update? We’ve got 10 quick and easy ways to transform your outdoor space, without breaking the bank:

1. Trim the lawn and tidy the edges

Grab the right garden tools for the job and tidy the edges of the lawn to make your garden look ship-shape and super stylish.

2. Add a gorgeous bench

Place a bench in a quiet corner of the garden where you can sit back and relax, whether it’s to admire your hard work around the garden or with a good book for company. Add a couple of scatter cushions for extra style and comfort.

3. Update your shed

cactus for sensory garden

Give your shed a new lease of life by treating it to a paint job. There are loads of beautiful shades of garden furniture paint to choose from, making your shed a real feature. Hang bunting and signs to personalise and complete with a couple of pots to add to the look.

4. Perk up the patio

Give your patio a new lease of life by adding pots and containers blooming with beautiful flowers. A metal bench covered with scatter cushions will create a stylish vintage look. Window boxes full of herbs and well-placed garden ornaments will only add to the beauty and feel.

5. Create an outdoor kitchen

Creating an outdoor kitchen space is a fantastic way to help create the perfect entertaining environment. Position your BBQ in a safe place where you can use the space around you by fixing outdoor shelving and utensil racks to walls. You could even decorate the area with outdoor wall art or a clock.

6. Get block colouring

If you are feeling bold, block colouring your fence panels can make for a quirky, interesting look in your garden. There are a variety of shades available to create a stunning feature of something which otherwise fades into the background. You could even colour coordinate your shed and wooden seating.

7. Install a water feature

Easy to install and maintain, a water feature is great way of transforming your garden into the ultimate chill out zone.

8. Create a country garden by planting colourful bulbs

Planting bulbs is an easy way to bring colour into the garden. If you are short of space, many bulbs are just as great in pots and containers as they are in borders. Bulbs are also great at encouraging wildlife into your outdoor space.

9. Create privacy or update your look with screening

Create privacy or update the look and feel of your garden with reed screening. Not only does it look good but it is great value.

10. Create the illusion of space – install a mirror

An outdoor mirror is a great way of creating the feeling of extra space in your garden and a quick and easy way to add style and elegance.

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