If you’ve got a pampered pooch, cute kitty or pocket-sized pet, you’ll of course be wanting to find a treat they’ll love this Christmas. Since it’s a bit of a struggle asking them what they’d like in their stocking, we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite pet gifts to keep your cats purring and your dogs’ tails wagging. And we haven’t forgotten the small pets either. Read on for great gift ideas for your small furry pets and feathered friends too.

1. Wilko Dog and Cat Advent Calendars – £2Cat Advent Calendar

Ever felt like your pet was missing out on all the excitement in the lead up to Christmas? That will be a thing of the past with their very own Advent calendar! Filled with 24 delicious treats, these calendars are sure to make December their favourite month of the year.

2. Munchy Mince Pies – £1

Set tails wagging on Christmas day with these delicious munchy mince pies. The tasty treats are specially formulated for dogs to help promote clean and healthy teeth while they munch. It’s a perfect stocking filler and sure to keep your pooch happy.

3. Luxury Pet Blanket – £6

Treat your pampered pets with a luxury pet blanket they can snuggle up to. The red and blue tartan design adds a festive feel to a pet bed and the faux sheepskin lining is perfect for keeping your pets warm over the winter months. It’s great for both cats and dogs.

4. Elf Dog Costume – £5

Share the fun with your dog on Christmas morning with our adorable elf outfit. The festive red white and green dog costume even has elf-like ears attached to the hood.

5. Premium Cat Stocking – £4

Jam-packed with goodies any pampered cat will love, our festive cat stocking comes complete with a range of treats, toys and catnip. It’s the purrfect gift to keep them purring through Christmas Day and beyond.

6. Wilko Christmas Dog Stocking – £5

Packed full of all their favourite treats, with tasty snacks as well as a rope toy included, this stocking will keep them entertained while you’re busy with the big day’s festivities. This is one Christmas gift for dogs that’s guaranteed to keep everyone happy.

7. Rope Gingerbread Man Dog Toy – £4

As well as edible treats, why not gift them something to play with? Keep your dog entertained over the festive period with this Gingerbread Man dog toy. The rope design makes it durable and a squeaky centre will provide hours of fun!

8. Dreamies Cat Stocking – £5

Perfect for cats who like a bit of variety in their life, this selection stocking comes complete with 5 packs of assorted Dreamies treats, including chicken, cheese, salmon and beef flavours. Purringly delicious!

9. Santa Dog Costume – £5

This super-cute Santa costume is the perfect gift for your dog. With a one-piece Santa outfit which straps around your dog’s stomach and matching Santa hat, they’re sure to look the part on Christmas Day.

10. Christmas Dog Jumper – £5

Get your dog into the Christmas spirit with a fun Christmas jumper. It comes in one of three assorted designs; a green jumper with ‘merry pawmas,’ a red jumper with stars on and a festive tartan design. It’ll keep them warm and looking stylish.

Gifts for small pets

And we’ve not forgotten the little ones either. From bunny rabbits and mice to gerbils and guinea pigs, we’ve got a huge range of small pet supplies to make sure they enjoy Christmas as well. How about an edible treat in the form of a little cottage made from carrots and hay? Or perhaps a hula hoop chew for small animals? We’ve got a whole host of small animal treats for you to spoil them with this Christmas.

A gift for your feathered friends

Bird Nesting

Now that we’re in the frosty depths of winter, the natural bird food out in the wild has started to run out. Hard, frozen soil means worms and insects dig deeper and are harder to find for blackbirds, thrushes and other ground feeders. Most berries are now long gone, leaving slim pickings for our wildlife. This means that wild birds will start to explore our gardens to find food. The good news is that we can help our feathered friends to survive by providing for them when nature can’t.

Our popular and tasty fat balls will help keep birds well fed! One of our bird feeders will look great in your garden and will soon have them flocking. You can also help provide shelter with our birdhouses. The Traditional Nesting Box is perfect for blue tits, marsh tits, willow tits and coal tits. And our Easy Clean Wooden Bird Box will create an eye-catching feature in your garden, making it the perfect present for you too!

For even more gift ideas for your pets, head over to our full pet range at wilko.com

What are you treating your pets to this Christmas? Drop us a line or send us a photo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

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