With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start getting busy in the kitchen. There’s always plenty of baking to be done throughout the festive period with the traditional Christmas cake, treats for the kids to take into school, goodies for the office, and not forgetting the cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve! Get kitted out with our essentials that no budding baker should be without, then roll your sleeves up and get stuck in!

Before you start

Let’s face it – if your baking with the kids, or even baking on your own, things could get a little messy! So you’re going to need an apron along with some oven gloves for those hot trays and tea towels to clean the mess up afterwards.

From left to right: Red apron – £5; Tea towels 5 pack – £4; Oven glove – £4

apron tea towelsoven gloves

Weigh it up

You might like to “guesstimate” when it comes to your culinary creations but there are some recipes that require accurate measurements. So, make sure you’re baking to perfection with these handy measuring tools.

From left to right: Electronic scales – £15; Weights and measures baking board – £6; Glass measuring jug – £2

electronic weighing scalesweights and measures chopping boardglass measuring jug

Mix by hand

If you’re feeling energetic and you want to do everything by hand, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right equipment to get the job done. From a large mixing bowl and whisk to that all-important splatter guard, we’ve got everything you need for your baking bonanza.

From left to right: Mason Cash mixing bowl – £10; Balloon whisk – £3; Mixing bowl splatter guard – £2

0328739_lstainless steel whisk for bakingmixing bowl splatter guard

Mix with a helping hand

And for those jobs where you need a little extra help, look no further than our great range of blenders, mixers and food processors. With all of the power you need, these appliances make sure baking’s a breeze!

From left to right: Hand blender set – £16; Hand mixer – £4.95; Stand mixer – £50

hand blender set0228910_l0434823_l


family baking in the kitchen at christmas


Handy helpers

Don’t forget all of those little accessories you’ll need to make sure your baking’s going to get Mary Berry’s approval! Some of things every baking session needs are a palette knife (to get your cakes out of the tin seamlessly), a cake tester (to make sure there are no soggy bottoms because it’s not cooked enough!) and a rolling pin (to create the perfect pastries).

From left to right: Palette knife – £3; Cake tester – £1; Rolling pin – £1

Pallet knifecake testerRolling pin

Pop in the oven

Nothing’s worse than a cake that’s stuck to your baking tray so prepare your baking for the oven with some non-stick items!

From left to right: Greaseproof paper – £1; Non-stick bun tray – £2; Non-stick 20cm deep cake tin – £3

grease proof baking papernon stick bun case tinCake tin

Finishing touches

Now all of the hard work’s done – it’s time to make those finishing touches. Be sure to cool your baking properly first on the wire cooling rack before adding icing and presenting it on an elaborate cake carousel. Now that’s a show-stopper!

From left to right: Wire cooling rack – £1.50; Icing syringe set – £1; Cake carousel – £12

wire cooling trayicing syringe set0434387_l

Stylish storage

Last but by no means least, you’ll need to store those beautiful cakes in style ready for when your next set of guests arrive.

From left to right: Round cake tins – £7; Square biscuit tins – £4; Cake board – £3



If you’re pushed for time…

Sometimes, we all have the best intentions and whilst baking might be on our to do list, as the mayhem of Christmas takes over it can become a task that gets pushed aside. But, thankfully, this needn’t be a problem this year as we’ve got some 5-minute cupcakes that you just pop in the microwave! Perfect if you’re wanting a quick and easy but tasty treat!

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