Inspiration for interior design can come from a variety of places: from your favourite country house, a friend or family member’s home, or from an episode of MTV ‘Cribs’. But, whether you are designing just one room in your home or are revamping it from top to toe, it can often be difficult to know where to start.

So… we have created a list of resources for you to use to help collect your thoughts and ideas, and make sure that your home design turns out perfectly for you.

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Very Pinterest–ing

Pinterest is a haven for interior design inspiration; there are images for every room and every type of personal taste. In the initial stages of planning your room or home design project, it’s important to have a theme or colour palette in mind so you have a solid starting point.

If you are struggling to pin-point just one theme or colour scheme, don’t panic! Just keep browsing. You can even create a ‘board’ (a collection of images-kind of like a mood board) on the platform that really sums up your style and what you want in your home.

If you’re doing your whole house or a few rooms at once, then separate the inspiration out onto different boards and figure out a cohesive theme that might work throughout the rooms. This way you can keep track of the images you see and whether the themes from each room will work in your home together.

Top tip: There are also some top DIY tips on Pinterest, and the Wilko YouTube channel as well, including a video on how to make-over furniture, essential watching for any keen interior designer.

Blogs away!

Blogs are a treasure trove of information on interiors and they often share images of their own home décor projects, which is a great way to have a sneaky look into their pads! There are lots of different ones to choose from, use BlogLovin to discover new bloggers or you can check out the Cision Top 10 Interior Design bloggers where you’ll find plenty of food for thought.

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Magazines are a more traditional method of finding interior inspiration, and like blogs there are lots of different ones to choose from. Here are some of our favourites:
• Elle Decoration (website)
• Ideal Home
• House & Garden (website)
• GoodHomes (website)
• HouseBeautiful (website)

They are bursting with beautiful editorial images of home design and advice on how to get your dream home makeover no matter what your budget is. Magazines are also great for cutting images out of and creating your own moodboard – take a look at our moodboard video which shows you how!

Whilst there are lots of ways to find inspiration for your interior design project, it’s important to remember what you want from your room and how it will work for your family. Remember to use the moodboard method and have fun being creative with all of the tools we mentioned.

If you have any tips of how you get inspired for interior design then please tweet us @LoveWilko!

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