Winter is well and truly making its mark now and even though the fair weather gardeners may have packed up their tools there is still plenty to be done.

Feed the birds

Winter can be a tough time for birds. Make sure that they have plenty of food and if possible, access to water. We have  a fantastic range of bird feeders and food at Wilko. Check out our range here.

How about making your own? All you’ll need is a slice of stale bread, peanut butter, bird seed and some string. Simply make a hole in the top of the bread and thread a piece of string through, generous enough to allow you to hang it from a tree or other bird friendly place. Spread the bread with peanut butter and press it face down into the bird seed. It’s that easy- it’s now ready to hang outside.

filling wilko bird feeder with bird seed

Protect those plants

Where possible move plants into a greenhouse or sheltered spot. A greenhouse can be a fantastic investment and great addition to any garden and needn’t cost too much, check out our range here.

It’s important to protect your plants before frost strikes and some tender shrubs and plants can benefit from being wrapped in bubble wrap or fleece, we love the Wilko fleece tube which makes protecting plants easy

A layer of bark compost or mulch 5cm (2in) deep around herbaceous perennials and grit around the plants themselves will stop moisture collecting and rotting the stems while the mulch will keep them warm.

Keep the moths away

Moths can become a bit of a problem during the winter months. Protect your fruit trees by using grease bands around the trunk. They are easy to pop on and can make a big difference.

Quick tips for November

2016_AW_Autumn Campaign_winter bulbs_19

Fruit and Veg

  • Finish pruning fruit canes
  • Plant bare rooted fruit brushes and canes
  • Plant early broad beans and peas
  • Plant short day onions


  • Plant wallflower seedlings
  • Plant tulip bulbs
  • Clear fallen leaves
  • Clean up borders
  • Last planting for winter bedding
  • Plant bare rooted trees and shrubs

Hard gardening

  • Clean exterior of greenhouse
  • Clean and maintain tools
  • Plan hard landscaping jobs
  • Drain garden hoses and store

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